Thursday Thirteen

Faythe Sanders likes to pretend she’s a normal college co-ed, but that’s only half the truth. It’s the other half that matters when her former lover appears on campus, sent to pull her back into a life her classmates could never understand, or even imagine. He has come to take her home, to where hunting doesn’t involve guns, the night isn’t for sleeping, and fur is much more than just a fashion statement.

Female werecats are disappearing from all over the south, and the Pride is helpless to find its missing members and stop the stray responsible. Confined to home for her own protection, Faythe must face everything she went to school to escape: the family she left behind, the love she turned her back on, and the destiny tradition says she’s bound to fulfill. And when it all becomes too much to handle, an emotionally charged error in judgment leads her into the unsheathed claws of the stray himself. Now, armed with nothing but animal instinct and a serious attitude, Faythe must free herself and stop the kidnappers before their horrific plot robs her Pride of its most valuable asset: its own continued existence.

1. I got an ARC from a super-secret source (and no it wasn’t eBay, lolol, but someone sent an ARC knew I wanted to read it more than they did so they sent it to me instead, and boy, did they miss out!)

2. I decided to crack it open at 10pm Monday night.

3. I didn’t go to bed until I was finished with it.

4. It’s 512 pages long if that tells you anything

5. Yes, I loved it.

6. I’d like the next book now, please, do you think Rachel would send it to me, even though she doesn’t know me from Adam?

7. If you’re a fan of Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten (and if you haven’t read that, you can go buy it and enjoy while you’re waiting for Stray to release), you will most likely enjoy Stray. They’re not the same book, but there are similarities in a good way. First person story from a strong heroine who struggles within her shape-shifting family (she’s a were-cat) and with the decisions she has to make and those being made for her. This isn’t a world where there are a bunch of paranormal creatures, however, and the culture of the were-cat that’s been created is strong.

8. There were times when I wanted to kick the heroine in the head for making seemingly stupid decisions, but it worked within her character and in the book. And at the end of the book, I liked it enough to forgive the heroine for her semi-stupidity.

9. A few scenes are gory and had they been on TV, I’d have closed my eyes. No, I’m not a fan of Quentin Tarantino’s films.

10. The book is genre labeled as paranormal, so not a romance, but there are definite romantic elements and I would recommend it to romance fans.

11. Did I mention I want the second book NOW?

12. Stray is incredibly fast-paced, a page turner, taking you from one scene to the next and not wanting to breathe. At one point, I was reading so fast because I just wasn’t sure if the author was going to take me places I didn’t want to go. My heart was pounding and I had to get to the next page!

13. I flipped to the end halfway through the book, because dammit, I HAD to know.

14. It doesn’t release until June so you’ll have to wait, but go to Amazon, preorder it, put it on your wishlist, whatever, but do give it a try. And while you’re at it, visit Rachel’s blog and tell her to write faster.

15. This book gave me that “good book feeling” where I’m afraid to start reading anything else because of the let-down factor.

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