You see, on Thursday I took our kitten, Max, in to the vet to be neutered. He’s reached the point of wanting to mark his territory (me being what he considers his territory) and it was absolutely necessary to get him fixed as soon as possible. When I took him in Friday morning, she asked, are you going to get him declawed now as well? Hell yeah! Brianna looks like a scratching post thanks to this cat. We thought we had to do it at two separate times so I was all over the “one fell swoop” thing. I only had one question: glue or sutures? When it was answered that they use glue (to close the wounds from the declawing) I gave them the go-ahead. And now I have guilt.

Max had to spend the night at the vet Thursday night, so they could check his paws on Friday to make sure the bleeding had stopped. I picked him up Friday evening and he was pretty pitiful. But more importantly, his paws looked…bad. I’ve had two cats that have been declawed, Josh has had many, many more, and neither of us had ever seen a cat’s paws look so chewed up from the procedure. He does have white paws, so I tried to believe that was partly it.

Saturday morning we let him out of confinement (the downstairs bathroom) and he seemed fine. He was running around and jumping over things. But by Saturday night, he was pitiful again, cuddling next to me. So I took a close look at his paws…and saw muscle. Somehow, his wounds had opened (the vet says now that he chewed the glue off, but Josh and I think he didn’t do a great job the first time). By the time I noticed late Saturday night, it was too late to do anything, so I took him back to the vet this morning. Where they put him under and stitched his paws closed. Yes, they were open (to the bone) and yes, they were already getting infected. I just picked him up a short time ago and he is a sad sight.

Again, his paws look like I had someone stick them in a meat grinder and he’s so doped up that he can only walk a few feet before he falls over (though he does seem to be shaking that off). But the guilt? It’s fierce. I don’t know what I could have done differently. We always had planned to get him declawed, because he was evil with those claws. But maybe I should have gone with a different vet, because we’ve not really cared for this one (but we’re on the Banfield Wellness plan for the next six more months, so we are kind of stuck with him).

Anyway, it’s too late to do anything now except give this poor cat his pain meds, his antibiotics and put the ointment on his paws meant to discourage chewing on them. Oh, and to feel lots and lots of guilt.

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