I hate diaper/pull-up companies for putting characters on their diapers. We buy different brands, depending on what’s on sale and what we have coupons for. No matter what brand, no matter what character, Brianna has a small quirk. Usually, in a box of diapers, say…Pampers Pull-ups…they have Dora and Boots on them. Fine, great, whatever. But they’re not all the same pose. Oh no. The diaper companies have to be cute and put either different poses or different characters (like different Sesame Street characters). So, in this box of Pull-ups, Brianna chose one particular pose (in which Dora has a flower on her shirt) and THAT is the pull up she wanted to wear. No other. Just that one. She sorted through an entire package of Pull ups every time she needed a new one, to find it. Now, we have half a package of Dora Pull-ups and she’s now switched back to “Blues Clues” (the Luvs diapers). What I want is a diaper that’s durable but has NOTHING on it. Is that so much to ask?

Max is doing…not so well. His paws still seem very tender. I still have much guilt. The vet is closed on Tuesday and Wednesdays or I probably would have had him in there again for another check of the paws. Instead, I’m just watching them closely and hoping the combination of pain meds, ointment and antibiotics are working. Poor kitty.

My parents are still set to arrive on Thursday and my stress level? Still high. In addition to being stressed about Max, I realized I had a deadline for something that I almost missed. Um, dammit. Not really what I needed to add in to my list of things to do.

But on a good note, for the past 3 weeks I’ve been price-stalking the laptop I’ve been wanting and my patience paid off. Today, it went on sale $300 off on Toshiba Direct. And they were still having a free-with-rebate printer deal plus free 2 day shipping until the end of March so…score! By this weekend, I should have new laptop in hand. Of course, my parents will be here, so I won’t be able to play with it until next week but still…happy dancing abounds!

Tomorrow is one day to parental arrival day. Any bets on whether my nerves will survive?

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