Just came up to me acting all sly.

“Hi!” she says. I’m not paying attention.

“Hi!” again. Pressing up next to me and looking at me under her lashes. Now I realize she’s cupping her hand.

“What’s on your hand?”

*ducks her head*

“Baby, what do you have in your hand.” I make a grab for her, miss when she dodges out of my reach, but get her on the second try. All I see is a blob on her pinkie.

“What is that?”

“Mmmmm” Still cupping her hand like she’s guarding a national treasure

“Brianna, what’s on your finger? Wipe it off.”

“Nope.” She starts waving it around and literally taunting me with her pinkie finger, though she’s moved well out of reach.

“Brianna, WHAT is on your finger. Wipe it off right now.”

“Mm…uh uh”

“Briaaaannnnaaa….” as she starts wiping it on a box.

“I picked my nose.”


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