Thursday Thirteen

Instead of writing a Thursday Thirteen!

1. Getting my daughter out of bed. I can hear her talking. Bad mommy. Done! (thank goodness, eh?)

2. Laundry (there is ALWAYS laundry but I have to wash the company towels) and then more laundry. (towels are in the washer at least)

3. Getting dressed. (done) The mattress guys will be here between 9 and 12. (still not here)
update on the mattress situation (because you care): so they couldn’t get the boxspring up the stairs. Even though there’s a queen bed up there now. So I now have a boxspring on my front porch. Stellar.

4. Dusting (even if Josh did already vacuum).

5. Making the bed in the spare bedroom–Done! (and then our bed once the mattress is delivered)

6. Washing the kitchen floor (err…maybe after Brianna’s breakfast).

7. Well, duh, giving Brianna breakfast. Done (no, I don’t starve her, she also ate half of mine

8. Cleaning the upstairs bathroom/shower.

9. Cleaning Brianna’s room (it’s the one room in the whole house that’s not picked up).

10. Putting together the scalloped potatoes in the crockpot. Figuring out how long the ham will take in the roaster.

11. Doing second round edits on a short book (yes, still working!)–oh, and if Marty is reading this, I’m supposed to send Marty an update. Er. Soon.

12. Emptying the dishwasher.

13. Calling my husband and telling him how much I love him for vacuuming all the floors/furniture/along the walls last night and getting rid of all the cat hair (and staying up late to do it so I wouldn’t have to worry about it today). He rocks!


14. Go to grocery store for dinner rolls. The &%&ing cat got into the kitchen cupboard and ate the dinner rolls.

ETA 10:15

15. I forgot I’m supposed to pay bills today.

16. And go to the post office. Erk.

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