I took a break from TTing today because, frankly, my brain couldn’t handle it. I thought about doing one with pictures, but after my switch to an updated WordPress, I didn’t reinstall the image plugin and now that I’m on a new computer, I’d have had to install a new FTP program to install the new plugin and, well, that was all just too much work for me at the moment.

But I do have some great pictures to share from when my parents were here. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get them loaded.

I did add something to the sidebar, if you look to the left, I’ve added shared items from my Google Reader. I switched to the new laptop this past weekend, while I wasn’t working anyway and had the time to get everything transferred (and do not get me started on how much I hate Windows Vista). Because of some Vista issues with lagging (even with 2 gb of RAM) I decided I didn’t want to use Snarfer as it’s a desktop reader and I didn’t need more processes dragging anything down (Word 2007 is a huge, huge resource hog) so I switched to Google Reader. The cool thing is I can mark items that I think are fun and it links to them in my sidebar. Kind of fun 🙂 And on the right, just under my books portion, there’s a quick click button you can press to add me to your Google reader. You know, if you want to.

Right now I’m done working for the day–I’m going to load the Free Book Friday contest to post tomorrow (and trust me, you want a chance to win these books).

I’m also watching the Frozen Four. University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux (my alumni) are playing Boston College. Winners goes to the final match up. Go Sioux! (it’s tied 1:1 at the end of the first period).

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