Thursday Thirteen

This isn’t the Thursday Thirteen I was going to do today (that one was much cooler but took up a lot more brain cells) and I didn’t want to skip again this week, so I’m subsituting this one instead.

Thirteen blogs that people click through to get to mine (even if it’s just the blog owner clicking through).

1. From the Shattered Drum

2. It’s My Blog and I’ll Say What I Want To

3. Deviated Path

4. Flip Flops On

5. Shannon Stacey

6. Joely Sue Burkhart: Dreaming in Rhyme

7. Romancing the Blog

8. Christine D’Abo

9. R.G. Alexander

10. What Was I Thinking?

11. In My Books

12. Romance Reading Mom

13. MG Braden – Blog Thoughts

There are actually many more, but I could only list 13 (even though I’m known to ignore that rule, lol). So tell me, where did you come from?

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