Sacred, worshiped…hunted.

Goddess of the Grove
© 2007 Mandy M. Roth
Red Hot Paranormal Romance
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Book two from the Sacred Places series.

All Korey O’Caha wants in his immortal life is to keep evil at bay, protect the witches he was destined to teach and to bed as many women as possible. He doesn’t want love but he didn’t plan on Gigi. Her very presence calls all he vowed sacred in life into question. She quickly becomes his reason for existing but can she ever fully accept him and who he is—a seven hundred year old immortal druid sorcerer? Will the secrets she’s hiding be his undoing?

Gigi, the daughter of a great god, could not stand idly by and allow innocent druid children to be slaughtered. She intervened, placing them under her protection. In the end she was imprisoned in a place where time moved differently than here on earth. That was almost seven hundred years ago. Once freed, she ran as far from the old country as she could. Never did she expect to find ties to the land, let alone a man who stirs her blood the way Korey does.

As shadows from the past resurface, bringing news of an uprising, truth and passion ignite, leaving Gigi at the mercy of Korey.

Enjoy the following excerpt for Goddess of the Grove:
Korey rubbed his jawline as tension threatened to make it lock. “I willnae calm down.”

Coyle made another attempt to come towards him and Korey’s power prickled, warning he wasn’t safe to be near. “Dammit, cousin, do you wish to bring the gods to Gigi’s doorstep?”

“No.” What he wanted to do was toss Gigi over his shoulder and run for the hills with her, never allowing anyone to harm her. The moment her precious Parth dropped his spell, Gigi went about her business as if nothing had happened. Korey was impressed with how easily she’d learned to hide who she truly was from everyone but was hurt she chose to do so with him.

You hide from her.

He balked at his inner voice for daring to point out the irony in the situation. He’d spent years pining after a woman he thought wouldn’t understand who and what he was only to find she more than knew of their kind.

“If you do nae calm yerself, cousin, I will be forced to knock you out with my power. I do nae think you wish to be unconscious if the dark sorcerer returns.” Coyle went to his office door and peeked out. “Gigi still acts as if nothing occurred. Can you believe she’s the woman who saved our village? How did we nae recognize her?”

“What?” He gawked at his cousin in disbelief.

Coyle centered an amused look on him. “You do nae remember?” A sly grin spread over Coyle’s face. “Och, Korey, how can you forget the first woman you ever gave flowers to?”

He opened his mouth to protest but stopped the minute he thought back to his childhood. Seven hundred plus years ago there had been a woman—a beautiful one at that—who stormed into his village, blanketing them in her power. He had weak memories of exactly what she looked like but knew enough to know she was breathtaking.

Korey’s mind drifted to Parth’s behavior when asking Gigi what was so special about the little boy who had given her the flowers.

Had I known giving you flowers would win yer hand in marriage, I would have done so myself.

Suddenly, it felt as if he’d been struck in the midriff. Korey went forward, putting his hands on his knees and breathing hard. Coyle clapped him on the back of the neck, chuckling slightly. “’Tis a bitch when the love bug nae only bites you in the arse, but does so without you knowing the lil’ bastard was there to begin with.”

Korey rubbed his stomach and shook his head. “Gigi cannae be the…Coyle, she…it would mean she’s my…”

Coyle drew upon his power and in a split second was holding a bucket before Korey’s face. “Here, cousin. I’ve no wish to see you throw up on my office floor.”

Pushing the bucket away, Korey narrowed his gaze on Coyle. “How can you joke at a time like this? I just found out the love of my immortally long life was tortured on account of us and is in danger still. Nae only that but she isnae in any hurry to fess up to—”

Coyle tapped Korey’s head. “Nae to interrupt your tangent but you do realize you admitted to loving her, right?”

“I did no such…” He paused and then pulled the bucket back towards his face. “Och. ’Tis a horrible bug indeed.”

His cousin’s laughter grated on his nerves but Korey held his tongue, too worried about the goddess who graced their presence.

“Breathe.” Coyle rubbed Korey’s shoulder. “That’s it. In and out. Are you better now? You know, I felt the verra same way when I realized Deri was my mate. I felt as though someone had run me down and then backed over me for good measure. ‘Tis common, I expect, for us to fall hard when we finally do get around to falling.”

The door to the office opened and Gigi entered. She took one look at Korey and arched a brow. “Drink too much again?”

He couldn’t help but smile. “Aye, something like that.”

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