I made it home about midnight last night. I was exhausted and I still have the raspy, smoke-filled bar voice. My husband thinks it’s sexy. All I need to do is find another room filled with hundreds of people smoking non-stop day and night for five days and I can get it back again.

I was happy to be home, happy to be sleeping in my own bed and happy to hug my family. This morning, the first two things Brianna says to me (after “Mommy!” with a big grin on her face) are “Where’s Daddy?” and “Did you bring your computer back?” Now THAT made me laugh.

I haven’t done any significant work today. Answering emails and catching up on stuff. No real editing. I’m taking most of tomorrow off too, to take Brianna to the playground/zoo. This morning she had daycare and I went grocery shopping. When I picked her up, we went to the pet store and had a grand time. I’m not going to rush back to work though I have deadlines to meet, because I want to spend some time with her. I’ll have all of Wednesday/Thursday to work.

I’ve got pictures from the booksigning and I’ve sent out a call for other Samhain author/staff pictures so I can upload them to my photo album here on my website and share them. I also took a few other pictures of non-Samhain authors that I’ll share.

I had a great time and I do have more to blog about, but I think I need to give my brain a chance to decompress first!

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