Thursday Thirteen

Clearly I met a LOT more than thirteen people and I’m going to probably offend someone by leaving them off the list. My humble apologies in advance. Also, I have pictures of some of these people but don’t have time to post them today. Later, hopefully this weekend 🙂

1. Linnea Sinclair. Hello, did you hear my fangirl squee across the continent? I got to have several conversations with her and if I didn’t have total fangirl adoration for her before, I sure as heck do now! She even invited me to come by and promo on her yahoo group.

I’m going to put Stacey Klemstein in with Linnea, because Linnea introduced us and Stacey gave me a copy of her book to read, which I started at the hotel and also read on the plane. You can see it on the sidebar to the right! Though I have an old copy, it’s being re-released by Echelon Press this summer (with a much better cover!).

2. HelenKay Dimon. Meeting a fellow blogger is always cool, even if she didn’t realize it was me she was meeting. And she said really nice things about me on her blog that made me blush.

3. Elizabeth Hoyt. I took her picture for Sybil. Don’t be jealous Sybil, she said she’s dying to meet you!

4. Richelle Mead. She’s so cute! A petite little redhead with the most gorgeous hair ever.

5. Jackie Kessler. For some reason, nothing like what I pictured her but she’s a small powerhouse of energy. I had my picture taken with Richelle and Jackie and I stood in the middle. I’m only 5’4″ (though I was wearing heels) and I TOWERED over them.

6. Vicki Pettersson. I loved her first book and own two copies of the second (one in ebook and one in paperback) but I haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet. She was very gracious to me when I came over and squeed at her about how much I enjoyed the first book. Then she told me I looked like someone famous but I can’t recall who she said, now.

7. Allison Brennan. What a funny and personable lady! I didn’t get to have any extensive conversation with her, but she was at my table in the bar chatting a few times. I bought a book from her at the book fair because I was so delighted by her effusive personality. She’s incredibly down-to-earth!

8. Several agents: Deidre Knight, Miriam Kriss (actually, I met her once before at NJRW), Laura Bradford and Scott Eagan. I had a great time to speaking to each of them, though I spent more time with some than with others, and I’m wowed by their insight into different aspects of the industry.

9. Kate Duffy of Kensington. Kate, Scott Eagan and myself sat on a panel at the aspiring authors workshop on Wednesday evening and answered questions. Kate Duffy is awesomely funny and has been in the business almost as long as I’ve been alive, I discovered. She is so straightforward and pulls no punches. I want to be here when I grow up!

10. Cindy Cruciger (aka FerfeLaBat). Yes, I finally met her though our conversation was way too brief. I blame her. Because I can.

11. Jim Butcher. Hello, he’s so funny in person. I didn’t make it to his workshop, though I so wanted to, but I did get into the bookfair early (the perks of being a publisher) and got to walk right up to his table and get a signed copy of the first book in the Dresden Files. He’s a riot and made me laugh in the 30 seconds I stood there.

12. Samhain authors and more Samhain authors! I refuse to name one for fear I forget five, there were a TON of our authors there and wow were they enthusiastic and supportive of us. Many of them showed up for our publisher spotlight on Friday and heckled us. It was fabulous and I adore each of them. I had a fantastic time talking with all of them. They’re truly amazing.

13. Readers of my blog. Several people came up and said they read my blog. *waving* Thanks for saying hi!

14. A bonus because I met the ladies behind a new publisher, Resplendence Publishing, and had quite a lovely chat with the Editorial Director, Jess. She has a two year old daughter and works from home, so I spent a lot of time commiserating with her, telling her it does get better, and encouraging her to start taking time for herself and setting work boundaries so she doesn’t burn out. I don’t think they’ve opened their doors yet (looking at their website it says October 2007), but I wish them the best of luck and I can’t wait to read what they have to offer!

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