Let me start this by saying at bedtime and naptime, we sit in the rocker and read books and sing. Last night she plopped herself down in the middle of the rocker and said, “Sit with me.” To which I replied, “Okay, but you’re gonna have to scoot over because Mommy has a big butt.”

So today, I take Brianna up for a nap and the conversation goes something like this…

Brianna’s already in the chair and scooting over before I can say a word. She looks up at me and say, “Mommy has a big butt.”

I laugh. “Yes, baby, Mommy has a big butt.”

Firm nod. “Big butt. Do you have Daddy parts?”

“No, I have Mommy parts.”

“Do you have Daddy/Mommy parts?”

“No, just Mommy parts.”

She pauses. “Mommy parts?”

“Yes, Daddy has Daddy parts.”

“Oh, Daddy has little Daddy parts?”

At this point the conversation is over because I’m cackling and already blogging the conversation in my head.


Bonus conversation from yesterday. I’m changing a messy diaper (side note: WHEN will this child poop in the potty?).

“Ewww, you have a stinky diaper. Wooh. Oh ick, I got it on my finger.”

“Don’t wipe my butt with your finger, Mommy, wipe my butt with the wipes.”

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