The fact of the matter is, I am currently obsessed with my new saltwater tank. No. Really obsessed. I find myself researching and reading online when I should be working. Thinking about what fish to get next. Haunting the saltwater aquarium forums. Sadly for you, you must suffer for my obsession because I’m instituting saltwater Sunday on my blog, where I get to talk about my tank and share pictures. It’s the only thing I could come up with so I didn’t force you to hear about my tank every day of the week.

I may have shared this picture before but I chose it so you can see the difference with the other photo. When we got the tank, the entire tank surface was quite dirty–outside with smudges and spots, inside with coral, salt build up and other stuff that builds up on tanks. We cleaned the front immediately when we got it, because you could hardly see in the tank through all the spots. But it wasn’t until this weekend (a few weeks later) that we had time to clean the sides and back. I think it looks pretty gorgeous now that it’s clean. What do you think?

And yes, Brianna is that fascinated by the tank that I got those pictures–several weeks apart–without having to pose her there or even ask her to look at the tank.

For those who know or care about these types of things, I spent the last week researching lights (and we discovered we have two moonlights on the tank!), doing a water change, trying to figure out why my nitrates are spiking, taking multitudes of pictures to later bore you with (like the last 20 minutes I just spent taking pictures of the sea cucumber out on the rocks eating), researching a variety of fish, coral, and inverts. Much of the week was spent trying to decide if any of my tank is diseased (because I don’t know anything about these things). I also drove about 40 minutes north of here just to go to a new pet store that carries saltwater fish (known as an LFS or live fish store in aquarium forum lingo). Oh, and I spent waaay too much time obsessively reading different threads in all the forums, trying to learn as much as possible. Did I mention I love this tank?

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