Open call for submissions—Samhain Publishing cat shifter anthology for Spring 2008

I’m excited to announce an open call for submissions for a new anthology I’m putting together for Spring 2008, a cat shifter anthology tentatively titled On the Prowl, which will consist of three to four novellas to be released individually as ebooks in the Spring 2008 and combined into one print title for Winter 2008 release.

I am open to any genre and heat level, but the story must feature a cat shifter theme as integral to the story. Submissions should be 20,000 to 30,000 words in length.

Submissions are open to all authors previously published with Samhain and authors aspiring to publish with Samhain. Submissions must be new material, previously published material will not be considered.

To submit, please include:

*For those authors currently contracted with Samhain: The first three chapters of your submissions, with a comprehensive 2-3 page synopsis. If you wish to submit the full manuscript, you are welcome to do so—full manuscripts are much easier to judge than partials, and I will admit to preferring the full manuscript.

*For authors not previously contracted with Samhain: The full manuscript (of 20,000 to 30,000 words) with a comprehensive 2-3 page synopsis. Please include a letter of introduction/query letter since we’ll be new to one another!

Submissions are open until August 1st and final decision will be made by August 19th. As with all Samhain special projects, only one editor is involved so all submissions should be sent to me at angie AT Please put On the Prowl Anthology Submission in the subject line.

I will send a message confirming receipt of your submission within 72 hours, so if you don’t receive a confirmation message, please email to confirm receipt.

I’m happy to answer questions about this anthology either on the Samhain Author loop, Samhain Café, Romance Divas forum or by private email and am excited to see some great submissions!

*permission to forward granted*

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