Thursday Thirteen

1. I forgot to blog yesterday. I wanted to blog, I had stuff to talk about, I was just…busy.

2. I’ve been watching Torchwood on my Zen player. I think that needs its own blog though, because I want to ramble on and on about it. I’ll spare you for now.

3. I haven’t read (work reading not included) since last weekend. Spare time has been dedicated to one episode of Torchwood a night or…

4. Obsessing over the fish tank. Major obsessing. Like give me meds obsession. We have high nitrate and brown algae problems (as a result of too much light and too much nitrate). Neither is an easy fix so…I obsess.

5. And because of the high nitrates (I think) I killed my brand new cleaner shrimp. *sniff* I was very distraught.

6. Josh and I are going on a road trip to Georgia next week. Leaving Wednesday night, back Sunday. It will be the first time the two of us together have been away from Brianna for a length of time.

7. So now I’m obsessing about what happens if we both die on that roadtrip. More meds needed.

8. In approximately one hour (just under) Dale Earnhardt Jr is making a “major announcement”. My guess? He’s leaving DEI. Regardless, he’s my boy so I don’t care who he drives for, as long as he drives. ETA: I was right, he announced he’s leaving and put himself on the market for a new team. *sniff* He looked like it was a hard announcement to make, and gave a nice statement. Let the speculation begin on who will hire him.
ETA #2: since it’s likely the #8 will stay at DEI, I’ll bet you can pick up some cheap #8 items starting today, lolol.

9. And in a few weeks, on June 3rd, I’ll be seeing Junior in person at the Dover Nascar races. Squeee.

10. That’s the same weekend as BEA in New York which I’m still contemplating attending Friday/Saturday.

11. Along with the Long Island RWA chapter’s luncheon on June 15th, which I was invited to. I just have to look at the daggone train schedule and figure out how that will work, because I am NOT driving in Long Island.

12. Now that I’m almost done with Torchwood (I have three episodes left) I need a new TV show to put on the Zen player. I’m thinking about Heroes. People seem to like it. Or maybe I should do Battlestar Galactica since Josh and I never seem to get around to watching it together. Or I could start rewatching Buffy. Or I could watch Angel. I only watched the first season of that, despite my love for David Boreanaz.

13. My new Blackberry Pearl is supposed to arrive via UPS today. Yay! More things to distract me from work. All my authors with waiting subs and edits will be sooo pleased!

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