So all Friday I’ve been staring at this empty blog page, thinking there’s something I’m supposed to be blogging today. What? I couldn’t remember! About an hour ago I realized it was Friday and I’d missed Free Book Friday. Duh!

Here’s the deal, I don’t have any releases next Tuesday so I’m going to give whoever wins a choice of a print book from my backlist (ie: my authors’ Samhain backlist). There are a good 20 to 30 books on that list so you’ll have a selection. I haven’t counted lately how many there are, but I’ll give you a list to choose from.

Everyone is eligible to enter. All you have to do is answer this question in the comments: What is (or was) your mom’s name and did she have/does she have a special talent?

My mom’s name was Mary (Brianna is Brianna Mary after her) and she was an amazing artist when it came to cross-stitching. She could stitch at an astonishing speed, finishing complicated pictures in a short time frame, and the back of her pictures was almost as neat and beautiful as the front. I have some of her work and I treasure it.

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