A few wrong turns, a few hundred miles and more than a few hours later, we made it to Georgia. I haven’t been here long enough to form an opinion, but I will say that the road-kill armadillos amused me (not that they were road kill, but that there were road kill armadillos. I’m used to raccoons). The trip was actually a bit productive for me as I plugged my laptop in to the AC/DC invertor we bought (plugs into the cigarette lighter) and read submissions. I composed the emails as I went so when we arrived at the hotel I connected and boom, made about 8 authors either very happy or very unhappy all at the same time! I’m planning on trying to finish them off or as close to as possible on the return trip on Sunday. As long as we’re on relatively straight roads. If the roads are very windy, I get carsick if I read. I’m just lucky I can work at all, I used to get carsick just being IN the car.

Thanks for all the well-wishes on the eye thing. As it turns out, I got a big scratch under my upper eye lid. Or in the optometrists technical terms “A REALLY BIG scratch”. No, I don’t know how I did that. I got some antibiotics to make sure I don’t develop an infection and a stern admonishment not to wear my contacts for a week but to come back on Monday for a follow-up. This caused a big groan from me as I wear sunglasses everywhere because my eyes are light sensitive and traveling without sunglasses? *groan* Good news is my regular sunglasses kind of slide right over my glasses without being too awkward. I did take a picture of myself wearing Brianna’s cheapie sunglasses the first day (because they were very dark and I needed that with the injured eye). If I can figure out how to get it off my new Blackberry and to my email, I’ll share it.

Speaking of the Blackberry (a Blackberry Pearl) have I told you how much I love this phone? I’ve got internet service on it and it’s come in handy a few minutes. There is still a lot I can’t do with it–like send email from the phone though I’m supposed to be able to–but it’s a very cool little toy. Yes, toy. I mean, uh, piece of business equipment. Which I’ve personalized with a cool dragon theme, special ringtones (when Josh calls me, it plays Crazy Bitch, which he thinks is quite nifty) and a few games. What’s a phone without games?

So far we haven’t done much. Checked into the hotel and had dinner with Crissy and Amanda. Drove around the business district and found..score! A Krispy Kreme with the “hot now” sign lit. If you’ve never had a hot now Krispy Kreme donut, you cannot possibly appreciate the sugar-induced euphoria this caused. We bought a dozen, I ate two immediately. It’s like eating air and sugar because they dissolve in your mouth. Yum 🙂

Tomorrow, we’re going to drive around the area and then have a cookout at Crissy’s tomorrow night. Y’all be good now, you hear? (see how I’m already picking up that southern drawl? 😉 )

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