I swear, I’ve spent the major portion of the last five days in the car. I’m ready to be stationary for awhile. But we’re not quite home yet. We left Georgia last night after dinner with Josh’s best friend and his wife, so we got on the road about 8pm. Drove about three hours, just long enough to listen to the Nascar qualifying and race on the radio (see how redneck I really am) and now I’m blogging from a dark hotel room in South Carolina waiting for my husband to roll out of bed so we can hit the road again. Yippee (note the sarcasm?)

Georgia was good, I think I took a few pictures (like…three of Lake Juliette) so I can share those tomorrow. Did NOT have roadkill on the bbq at Crissy’s but instead steak, ribs, corn, potato salad and baked beans. Yummy! (apparently the mosquitos liked it too because I was getting nibbled on at the end of the night). I also got to see the potential new Samhain offices. They have really really ugly wallpaper (like really really really ugly) but other than that are quite cool and hey, wallpaper can be (and will be) covered 😉

While we were in Georgia we got to borrow Crissy’s bitch aka The Naginator. Hello, best toy ever! I want one. Actually, we tried to buy one before we left Georgia but couldn’t find one for a reasonable price. I’m all for impulse purchases but not if they’re going to cost me hundreds more than if I waited and bought it online. So, no naginator for me this weekend. I’ll order this next week when I get home. I have a lot of traveling coming up and it will be quite handy (seriously, I wrinkled my nose at the thought of one, but if you drive in unfamiliar areas with any frequency, this thing is freaking kick ass and easy to use. I had no manual, just turned it on and used it!)

So rather than bore you with “omg, I’m ready to be home and see my child and see if my fish tank survived my absence” any further, I’ll send you over to Jane and Jayne this morning, where I answered some further questions about print (as did representatives from Ellora’s Cave and Loose Id).

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