My friend Erin IM’d me today and told me it had been FIVE days since I blogged. You know, I had stuff but…sometimes you just get in the habit of not blogging because it falls at the bottom of your list. I’m guest-blogging at Magical Musings tomorrow and I’m pretty sure Liz was having palpitations because I hadn’t given her my post yet. Truth is, I had blog block. The words just weren’t coming. And I think some of the stuff I’ve seen around the blogosphere lately, and heard about people saying elsewhere has given me brain freeze. It discourages me a little, when I hear/see people making these huge sweeping statements and sometimes it’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel and give up fighting the good fight. But a good glass of wine (or two or three) usually cures that 😉

On another pitiful note, you may have noticed that my sidebar of recently read hasn’t changed. The sad, sad truth is that I haven’t completed or started any new books in May. I haven’t picked up Stacy’s book to finish or Meljean’s book. I think that’s a real indication of how overtaxed I’ve been, because I’ve always been a firm believer in reading for pleasure, to learn, to keep up with the market and just because I love it. But I haven’t had the energy to read at the end of the day. I’ve been watching more TV series on my Zen player. And playing Brickbreaker on my Blackberry, lolol. Or just *gasp* going to bed.

I did finish Torchwood Season One and um, dude, if you’ve seen it…was that not one of the lamest season finales ever? Just wow. If that had been one of the first episodes, I’d have never kept watching! I said in an earlier blog that I was trying to decide what to watch next. It turns out that Josh read that and asked me not to watch Heroes on the Zen player because he wants to watch it with me. And Battlestar Galactica. So I’m currently re-watching Firefly (this show makes me laugh. God I love and it and damn the networks for not recognizing its brilliance). I’ve also loaded the first episode of Deadwood, Beauty and the Beast, Farscape and La Femme Nikita on there. Farscape and Deadwood are new to me. The other two are old favorites.

BEA is coming up next week. I’m not attending. I was going to but Josh and I have tickets to the Dover Nascar race next Sunday, complete with pit passes (we’ll be watching the race from the pits). I decided that taking the train to New York Friday morning and coming back Saturday night, then getting up early Sunday and going to the races was just asking to run myself down even more. I have a bunch of commitments to meet in June, I’ll be in Long Island on the 15th for their RWA chapter luncheon, so I figured one trip to NY a month was enough 🙂 I’ve given a few people some book assignments of things to snag me, but I’m actually relieved I’ve decided to cut myself a break.

But the week after BEA (the next Monday) we’ll be making a big announcement. That’s all. Just a big announcement *grin*

Oh and starting that same Monday, we’re going to hold a first line contest on the Samhain blog. It will be an opportunity for people to submit while our submissions are closed, if anyone is interested. We’re going to do it in the same manner that Karin Tabke held hers, I thought that was fun. More details will be forthcoming on the Samhain blog.

This weekend, I’ll be at home, cleaning. I know, my life is glamorous and fun and you wish you could live it. But I’ll be cleaning and painting and doing laundry and all those other fun things you do to get your house in order to sell. Blech. Hope everyone has significantly more fun plans than I do!

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