I have several contests that I needed to post about and round up.

The Left Behind contest: All of the winners have been notified and are awaiting their prizes (eagerly, I hope) Winners were as follows:

#1 Amelia
#2 Barbara
#3 Annie
#4 Nathalie
#5 Paula

Congratulations to all the winners!

Free book Friday for The Lady and The Dragon by Shelley Bradley, the winner of a download of that book was Sharon.

Free book Friday for Mother’s Day, a print book of their choice from my print backlist was Nonny!

Now, as it happens, I had three books release in the past two weeks that I didn’t do Free Book Friday for. I’m going to be posting an excerpt for each one here in the next few minutes. Comment in the excerpt and tell me what interests you about the book and you’ll be entered to win. You only have until Thursday evening to enter because there will be two new books up for grabs on this Friday. And I won’t be posting a reminder of the contests on the excerpts–you have to have read this post to know to enter!

Thanks to everyone for participating in these contests and for being patient with me when I get behind on choosing winners. I’d offer to just stop doing them, but I think waiting is preferable, probably, lol!

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