They say that love is blind…too bad it’s not, it sure would help.

Lady Strumpet
© 2007 Gia Dawn
Erotic Fantasy Historical
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Return again to Westmyre in this second installation of the Demons of Dunmore series.

When the elegant architect Wynn meets Lady Jane Seville—ex-tavern wench and trollop—they clash like the outrageous colors of her clothes, her temper and fiery passion sending him to realms of frustrated arousal he has never known before.

The stakes are high. The king has promised Wynn the position of Lord High Mason…but only if he can marry Jane and gain her newly restored title. Jane, however, is jaded by a lifetime spent on the fringes of society, and is unwilling to reclaim her heritage due to the tragic circumstances of her past.

Wynn has issues of his own. Born albhus, with no pigmentation in his skin or hair, he has spent his entire life climbing the ranks of his profession in order to fit in and be accepted by the upper-class elite. Jane has no such intentions.

Can these two opposites learn to love?

Enjoy the following excerpt for Lady Strumpet:
“Come to my bed,” he said.

He could hear her try to catch her breath, feel the heat of her skin. She was everything he had imagined, everything he had hoped. Beautiful, so beautiful.

He grabbed the candle and practically dragged her upstairs. He had a plan. A plan to plant himself so deep in her heart, she could never think of another. Neither of them would reach completion. He fully intended to take Jane to the very edge and leave her there, let her spend the rest of the night aching for his touch. He wanted her to know how it felt to truly need?and he wanted her to see his face whenever that need returned
He would be the man who stood out in her mind. And when she’d longed for him enough, when she’d ached and wanted and cried out in frustration, he would be the man to set her passion free. But he didn’t know how he was going to survive the night. If she was left hurting, he would hurt, too.

After he opened the door and led her inside, he dropped her hand and lit every candle he could find, bathing the chamber in golden light so he could see each emotion that played across her face. She reached to undo the lacings of her chemise, but he stopped her, pulling her back into his arms and locking her tight against his groin.

Then he very deliberately dropped to his knees. She trembled when he pressed his face into her stomach. She whimpered when he curled his hand around her mound, working his fingers between her thighs to feel the wet that spilled onto her gown.

“Spread your legs for me,” he ordered, looking up at her face.

Her shaking grew anew as she shifted her thighs apart. He kept his eyes locked with hers as he slipped his fingers against her, pressing through the wet linen to find the swollen hill of her clit. Jane gasped as he worked her, her hands tightening on his shoulders, her legs shaking even more. He could feel her try to lock her knees to keep from falling, and when he knew she had lost the battle, he stood, swept her into his arms, and laid her on his bed.

Her eyes were drowsy with desire as he kissed her once again. This time he teased, pulling back when she tried to draw him deeper. She whimpered and twisted in his arms, her legs snaking around his, her hands reaching again for his cock.

He circled her wrist with his fingers and drew her hand away, holding it above her head as his other hand reached to pluck the tip of one rounded breast. Jane gasped and arched against him, pressing harder against his fingers.

“More?” He nuzzled her neck.

“Yes!” Her voice was tainted with desire, and Wynn thrilled at the sound of it. He pinched her nipple harder, rolling it between his fingers, pulling until it knotted and swelled, before he moved to take it in his mouth. Jane squirmed as he laved her with his tongue until her gown grew so wet it became transparent.

“’Tis too much,” she protested, trying to release her hand to push his mouth away.

“No, lady,” he assured her solemnly, “’tis but a small sampling of the pleasures yet to come.

She whimpered. “Wynn, I swear I cannot stand it. Please!”

Ah, so she was beginning to beg. This was a very good sign of things to come. But he bit back a groan of agony as she shifted her legs and ran one thigh over his throbbing cock. He loosened the lacings of his breeches to give his length some relief. This time he was the one to curse when he felt the ache settling deep into his balls.

She would surely kill him. But what a way to die, he admitted, gritting his teeth against the pain as he let his hand slide down to pull her knees apart. He rolled to pin her thigh beneath his leg, trying to regain a measure of control. She stilled and turned her face into his shoulder.

“Enough, Wynn. It is enough.” Her breath was harsh, her words broken.

“Kiss me,” he ordered as he thrust his fingers between her thighs and rubbed at the heavy wet of her slit.

Jane tried to speak as his fingers worked their madness. Tried to find some remnant of reason as she felt the fire lick along her cunt. In near desperation she did as he demanded, lifting her face to touch his lips with hers. She gasped into his mouth when he thrust his fingers deeper, exploring her through her gown, sliding across the wet material to rub the pearl of flesh that gave her so much pleasure.

In truth she had not known it could be like this. No man had ever held her this way, touched her this way, kissed her this way. He pinched and rolled her clit between his fingers, easing the pressure only to deepen it again, his tongue moving against her mouth in rhythm with his hand. She tried to arch against him, to intensify his touch, but he had her legs trapped securely and her strength was no match for his.

She was reaching for something, some place beyond her grasp, falling, falling into the hunger that made her tremble like grass in the wind, and she was almost there, almost flying, almost letting the pleasure break free, when he jerked his hand away, leaving her waiting, wanting, unable to find release.

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