Oh dear…

I think I’m not right in the head. This morning’s spam made me laugh out of sheer ridiculousness:

Hello my friend!

I am ready to kill myself and eat my dog, if medicine prices here (link redacted–I’m not giving them traffic) are bad.

Look, the site and call me 1-800 if its wrong..

My dog and I are still alive 🙂


About once every other week I complain to Josh about this four way stop that I drive through every day when I pick Brianna up from daycare. At least once a week I see someone run that four way stop coming from a direction in which I’d end up T-boned. This means I always come to the stop sign and sit if there’s a car coming from either direction on the road running perpendicular. Because I really am never sure if they’re going to stop or not. And when I say run the stop sign, it’s usually at speeds of about 40 mph. Ouch speeds. One morning, there were two Highway Patrolmen stopping people at the intersection for click-it or ticket. That afternoon, after they were gone, I saw someone run the stop sign. On another occasion, one of the stop signs had been taken out by an accident at the intersection. Like I said, it’s a dangerous intersection. I keep wishing the police would sit there for a few days and ticket people. Or maybe the city planners would put up some flashing lights.

Then, today, I came to the intersection, it was my turn to go and I waited…for the police car that ran the stop sign.

My budding photographer

Last weekend I think I mentioned that we went to Washington DC for Josh’s racing stuff. I had “control” of Brianna for the weekend (I use the word loosely. She is two after all). On Sunday, I wanted to take some video while Josh drove so I needed to keep Brianna occupied for about 20 minutes. Thankfully, I’d planned ahead. I had my old digital camera for her to try and take pictures with. I saved the results from both that day and the next, when I gave it to her in the car. If you hover over the pictures, some of them have captions.

Testing! She wants it. Her first picture, I helped by holding the camera steady My feet Her feet (cute toesy toes!) Rocks and stuff. She might actually have meant to take it. Camera adjustment. Give it back! Distraction in the car seat Chubby thighs Now we actually see her feet--and me driving Aww, pouty mouth ;)

I’ve been doing something shocking…

Unsubscribing from blog feeds. *gasp* I KNOW! But when I look at my Google Reader and realize I’m not even paying attention to some feeds, it’s time to delete. I think I’ve unsubscribed from about 15 in the past week. But the sad thing is, I add one or two each week. So I’m not sure it evens out 😉

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