That’s all, just tired. I’m reaching this point where I need to cut back on my editing schedule, which is a shame, since it makes me money 😉 but when I’m spending days doing admin stuff, I know something needs to give. Yesterday, the big Samhain/Kensington news hit and I’d already been fielding questions about that from authors/editors since the previous Friday, when we announced it on our Business loop. But the general public knowing means even more questions. Not all of which I have answers to yet.

Add in the Best First Line contest, which I really did NOT expect to get so much response. I was telling someone today that I’d considered putting a cap o the number of entries like Karin Tabke did on hers, probably 75 or 100. But I felt as though that would be pretentious and then we’d just look silly when we didn’t even come close to hitting that mark. Ha. Ha. Ha. I’m thinking I should have started the contest last week, before the Kensington news hit. Too late now, though, and the entries have been quite fun, so I’m glad we’re doing it!

And as if those two things hadn’t made my inbox explode quite enough, I sent an email out to our Business loop yesterday, asking for feedback from the authors about their experiences with their editors. Dear God. I’ve heard from almost 60 authors so far, which is remarkable and we’ve gotten some lovely comments. But every one of those emails needs to be replied to and some require some form of action from me.

I had more written to this post but when I went to publish it, my blog crashed and, of course, took the remainder of the post with it. Don’t feel too bad, it was a load of whining, though I did chat about a book I’ve finished reading (not on my sidebar) and one I’m currently reading (also not on my sidebar). I’ll have to come back to those.

The only other big thing here is that we’re having a yard sale on Saturday. It’s the yearly neighborhood yard sale and since we’re trying to move, we thought we’d clear some stuff out. Boxes and boxes of stuff. That all needs to be priced still *sob*.

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