I know they’re boring. Not quite as stimulating as the drama stuff and I sure don’t expect it to send my hit count through the roof 😉 But I saw this on one of the entertainment type TV shows this evening and I had to go looking for clips.

I’m sure those of you in the UK are over this story, so carry on 🙂 But for the rest of you, have you seen this guy, Paul Potts, who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent? A regular guy, kind of shy and humble, with the most powerful voice. The first clip is the “audition” round, where he tells Simon Cowell and the other two judges that he’s going to sing opera. It’s utterly goose bump-causing to see the judges and audience go from raised eyebrows and rolled eyes to enthusiastic cheering and, yes, even tears. The clip is moving and he is amazing to hear. Yes, it is opera so if you have absolutely no appreciation for that music genre at all, it might not thrill you, but it’s really got a wow factor to it.

This You Tube video is Paul Potts “final” performance on the show. Beautiful. He wins Britain’s Got Talent and will be performing for the queen. And I’m sure going on to fabulous things.

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