I went to the post office. Twice. No really. I got everything together last night, but didn’t have boxes to mail some contest prizes. So I put it all in an (overflowing) laundry basket and schlepped it to the post office this morning. Got there and somehow I’d forgotten the address for one of the contest winners, though I’d taken pains to print off everything and put it with the corresponding mail. Got home and found it on the living room floor. So I got to go back to the post office this afternoon after I picked up Brianna.

The post office irritates me for a couple reasons. One, because it usually takes effort for me to get ready to go there (ie, packaging up everything) and I’ve said before that I’m inherently lazy. Two, because they insist that my credit card be signed, saying it’s not valid if it’s not. But then they’ll let me sign it while standing there. How’s that for fraud prevention? *snort* And three, because no matter what time of day I go, there’s always only two people working and a long, long line. At the main post office! I will give them kudos for having really friendly staff, though. Everyone there is very friendly.

While I was standing there, a sci-fi geek came in wearing a Serenity tee (why do I say sci-fi geek? Receding hairline, long hair, slicked back in a ponytail, Serenity T-shirt and long black duster–in 80 degree weather. Tell me I’m wrong.) and that made me smile because I’m watching the last episodes of Firefly now (rewatching, that is) and I so love the opening credits song to this show. I want to be able to watch Firefly over and over again, but watch it as if it’s the very first time I’m seeing it.

So I started thinking about the opening credits song and that I’d post it here. I went to You Tube and stumbled across…Firefly fanfic in the version of videos. Hee. Talk about distracting.

Here’s what I went for, the opening credits/song, which always makes me smile:

You want to hear Mal say “I am to misbehave”?

And umm…see Mal naked?

Wicked cool video of River set to “Bring Me to Live”

And…I could do this forever because there are a metric ton of Firefly videos. But somewhere out there one of my authors is reading this. And thinking to themselves that it’s no wonder they don’t have edits yet.

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