Thursday Thirteen

My friend Erin tagged me for that seven random things meme. Normally, I ignore being tagged (even when directly told I’m tagged, sorry!) But it seemed like an easy blog post for today, and it’s been awhile since I did a TT, so here you go. Try not to fall asleep in the middle, lol.

1. I don’t eat or drink anything butterscotch flavored. I had a bad experience with butterscotch schnapps my senior year of high school. Yes, that was about 13 years ago and no, I haven’t touched butterscotch since then. Just the smell makes my stomach do flips.

2. I also don’t eat jello for a similar reason. This time in college, when I was actually of legal drinking age and did a combination of jello shooters, Bloody Mary’s and watermelon soaked in grain alcohol. Um. Blech. I can still drink Bloody Marys but for whatever reason, the jello consistency pretty well does me in.

3. I’m a random smoker. I smoke when I drink, and will smoke like a chimney. I can do that for several days straight (like at RT) and then not smoke again for weeks or months. No, I don’t know how that’s possible and no, it doesn’t mean I’m going to be a “smoker” again. I’ve been doing it for years. Drives people I know, who are smokers or former smokers, nuts. But it works for me.

4. My least favorite part of my job is hiring editors. For some reason this process makes me cranky and I don’t enjoy it. I’m not sure why.

5. I had spinal meningitis when I was three. My parents left me with my grandparents for a week while they went camping. I became very, very ill (which was bad since my grandparents lived on a farm in the middle of literally nowhere) and spiked a high temperature. I ended up in the hospital for almost a week, got many, many shots in the butt, almost died, but didn’t (duh!)

6. Some of you know this but many of you might not so I’ll use it. I have a degree in Occupational Therapy. I was certified and licensed and worked as an OT for ten years in the psych field before I had Brianna. I loved that job but not as much as I love the one I have now πŸ™‚

7. I’ve been through two floods, both in Grand Forks, North Dakota. During the first flood, when I was almost five, I had the chicken pox and my parents were worried they’d have to evacuate the house while I was sick (they didn’t). During the second flood, while I was in college, they evacuated almost the entire town. I remember feeling like I’d been sandbagging for days (I had been), hardly sleeping and having the sound of helicopters flying overhead at all hours. It was eerie and spooky. When we finally were asked to leave, the levee behind the house was built up to taller than the house. We were in the basement apartment and if the dam had broken, we’d have been in some serious trouble. When we left, the streets were starting to flood, and we had to carry the bags on our shoulders to avoid getting wet. We didn’t actually have final exams that year, the town was shut down for weeks, so we got the grade we had when everything was can canceled. We had to come back weeks later and clean out the dorms, and such. No electricity so the elevators didn’t work. I still remember it as a strange, frightening time.

8. When I was 15, the boy that I had had a crush on for several years died of carbon monoxide poisoning while sitting in his car in front of his house. There was a hole in the floorboard of his car and he just…fell asleep. I remember being called by my friend and crumpling to the floor when she told me. He was a year older than me and since everyone in the school knew of my crush on him, he did too. But he was always kind to me despite the fact that he didn’t reciprocate (clearly he lacked taste, lol). And him dying was, while not my first experience with death since I’d lost a grandfather to cancer when I was 7, my first where I really understood what it meant and how it would impact me. His death was the first of many I experienced in the years between 15 and 24.

9. I have always read, as long as I can remember. When I was in first grade, I tested at a high school reading comprehension level. In fourth grade I started reading my mom’s category romances (yay for Harlequin!) and while still in elementary school, I was reading more books not appropriate for my age–like If Tomorrow Never Comes by Sydney Sheldon (and other SS books), the Clan of the Cave Bear books by Jean M. Auel and various books by authors like Judith Krantz (remember her?), Jackie Collins and Danielle Steele. Wildly inappropriate books for my age, really. But look, I turned out okay (shuttup, peanut gallery).

10. When I was about 8, I went to my one and only Girl Scout camp. It was NOT a raging success. 1st, we went canoing and the canoe I was in tipped over. Then, I got poison ivy at camp. I asked the counselors if the plant was poison ivy. They said no. They were WRONG. I had it so bad, my entire body was covered. Including my face. One of my eyes actually swelled shut. I had to wear gloves because I had it all over my hands, with the pussy stuff (gross) and wearing gloves kept me from poking at that, as well as from scratching. I got poison ivy three more times between then and when I graduated college. I’m extremely sensitive and for years, when I was going to the lake, I lived in fear of getting it again. They used to send me out of the area when they’d burn brush, so I didn’t make contact with any poison ivy smoke. Did I mention that I was a bad Girl Scout?

11. I’m not a talker. Joy found this out when we went to Long Island last week. She talked to me, I listened and responded where appropriate. But when she asked me “what about you, what’s going on?” my answer was “nothing, same stuff”. This is odd because I think I used to be quite a talker, but over the years I’ve become one of those people who’s content to listen to the conversation go on around me. Not to say I don’t talk, because if you address a specific question to me and engage me in a conversation, I will. But it’s one of the reasons I don’t like to talk on the phone most of the time, because on the phone, people expect more response than I generally give. This is also the reason I end up learning complete strangers’ life stories in the bar. Happens all the time. They sit down next to me and next thing I know, I can tell you more about them than some of their casual acquaintances. Even people who “know” me don’t often know many details about my life when they sit down and think about it. That’s just not my way. I’d rather listen than tell.

12. I wanted to be a police officer when I was growing up. Even in college I thought of going the criminal justice route but my dad discouraged it. He’s a lifetime law enforcement officer, with an interesting and varied background and I think I wanted to grow up to be like him. Sometimes I still wish I had followed that path, I think I would have liked it. Not police officer, necessarily, but something in law enforcement.

13. I have a tattoo on my back, it’s a blue lotus flower with some funky clan decorations. I’ve been thinking about getting my nose pierced but don’t want to have an ugly scar on my nose if I take it out some day. And I want to get another tattoo, on my lower back, but I want something kind of original and cool and probably designed for me, but I haven’t found what I want yet. I need to make friends with more artists, I’m thinking πŸ˜‰

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