It might take me all day to type it, but I decided to try this. Mostly because I didn’t want yesterday’s post to stay at the top. Why? Don’t want to mislead anyone who thinks this blog is about controversy and blog hits *snort* regular readers will laugh at that. It’s about boring life stuff and Brianna. Hardly even editing stuff because normally my mind is just too wiped for that. Maybe I should get a writing partner to be the evil editor part.

So I’m in DC this weekend for Josh’s racing. Its been a series of misadventures getting is here, ending with me booking is into the wrong hotel. Not so bad, really, but they don’t have wireless internet and I didn’t pack an ethernet cable. Thank god for the blackberry.

Today I’m having lunch with a handful of Samhain authors and Joy so I’m looking forward to that. The rest of the weekend will be spent keeping Brianna from getting run over, lol. I know, I know, you envy me.

Oh and on the good news front, some of the 100+ editor applicants have gone through both rounds of testing and while I’ve declined over 25 so far (still many people who haven’t and won’t return the test now they’ve seen how much work is involved) I believe ice found two to offer the position to next week. I’m hiring 4 total so there’s still time for those panicking 😉 but once I find my four I’m done again, at least for a few months.

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