My bad day that is. I told her I was going to blame my bad day on her (she’d already given me permission) and we could then go forth and start a blog war, lighting up the romance community. Then, at RWA, we could be spotted in the bar making out, thereby starting rumors of lesbian love. I think people would be way more excited to find out some juicy gossip detail about her than about me. I mean, it’s Jane.

Of course, a few days ago, as Jaci Burton and I discussed barhopping at RWA together, she said her husband was…concerned some cowboy would hit on her. I told her we could pretend to be lesbians, problem solved. At which point, she said, wouldn’t that make a great rumor? “What NY published author and what executive editor were seen holding hands at a local bar in Dallas?” So that’s two lesbian rumors about me. I’m thinking the actual rumors would actually, at that point, end up being, “Did you know Angela James was such a SLUT? And her married with a two year old. For shame.”

Which actually leads me to my bad day, which isn’t really such a bad day at all, I’ve just hit a frustrating time in Brianna’s toddlerhood. I believe most people call it the terrible twos. I myself refer to it as “the time at which I’m ready to resign my mommyhood.” Because, dude, she threw the MOTHER of all tantrums today. In public. Actually, she threw several tantrums. And some this past weekend when we were in DC too. I feel like I’ve not done much more than avoid eye contact with all strangers in public (because these tantrums, they are obnoxious) and move quickly through places. I’m hoping it’s just a phase and not the sign of a spoiled-rotten kid so early in life. Because honestly, we set boundaries, we discipline (we beg, we plead, we bribe, we cajole…), we take things away in response to outbursts, we remove her from the situation, blah blah blah. I don’t think we’re placing high expectations on her but since I’ve only been a parent this one time, it’s hard to say. But dear sweet baby Jesus, this past week life with her has been trying.

And I still don’t have an RTB topic. *tears hair out*

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