1. Checked the RTB post off my to-do list. I actually did it last night but Outlook reminded me when I logged on this morning. Yay!

2. Managed to bring my flagged messages down from 109 (no I’m not kidding) to under 30. Still a lot but more manageable. (in doing this, that means I had to somehow respond to all of those 80 messages. Blech)

3. Committed to attending the Desert Dreams conference in Arizona next spring. I’m especially excited about this conference because they’re 1) paying πŸ™‚ and 2) in Arizona where I used to live so I can extend my stay and visit with friends. Now, if only the Emerald City conference would email me and extend a similar offer, my day would be complete.

4. Offered employment to one final line editor/copy editor and three editors. I’m still hiring editors, but no more than one, possibly two more. Once I find the applicants I like, I’m done. No sense in dragging this process out forever. Of course, that has nothing to do with the fact that I actively dislike the hiring process πŸ˜‰ I am still hiring for copy editors, though. Seems as if we can’t have enough of them, especially with the number of editors we have producing manuscripts!

5. But at the same time, I informed quite a number of people that I was not going to hire them. I dislike that as much as I dislike sending rejection letters.

6. Browsed Amazon and Powells. The reason I was at Powells online is because I’m considering buying Under the Rose by Diana Peterfreund in ebook format, and I can get at Powells for about $7.75. That still seems like alot for an ebook, to me, but I’m more likely to read an ebook at this point.

I have a gift certificate to Amazon to spend, but I just can’t settle on what to order. My reading has been pretty slow lately, so I feel guilty buying new books when I have a crapload of ebooks and paperbacks TBR. But new books are fun πŸ™‚ I was thinking of pre-ordering Joey Hill’s book,The Vampire Servant’s Queen, which releases next week. Also looking at Lucinda, Darkly by Sunny. It looks interesting, though I’ve never read anything by her. And I’ve heard such good things about Wicked Lovely that I considered that. But again, all expensive not-mass market books and do I really need them right now?

So my other option for the gift certificate was a travel potty for Brianna. Isn’t that exciting? lolol

7. Sent a book for copy edits.

8. Worked on first round edits of another book and will be sending those off tonight.

9. Dosed myself with Airborne because, wouldn’t you know it? I caught a summer cold from Brianna!

10. Read this article. WHY did I read this article?

And look! The day is only half over. Yikes!

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