About once every other week I complain to Josh about this four way stop that I drive through every day when I pick Brianna up from daycare. At least once a week I see someone run that four way stop coming from a direction in which I’d end up T-boned. This means I always come to the stop sign and sit if there’s a car coming from either direction on the road running perpendicular. Because I really am never sure if they’re going to stop or not. And when I say run the stop sign, it’s usually at speeds of about 40 mph. Ouch speeds. One morning, there were two Highway Patrolmen stopping people at the intersection for click-it or ticket. That afternoon, after they were gone, I saw someone run the stop sign. On another occasion, one of the stop signs had been taken out by an accident at the intersection. Like I said, it’s a dangerous intersection. I keep wishing the police would sit there for a few days and ticket people. Or maybe the city planners would put up some flashing lights.

Then, today, I came to the intersection, it was my turn to go and I waited…for the police car that ran the stop sign.

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