Kids say the darndest things

I know I’ve been blogging a lot of little Brianna stories the past couple weeks, but she’s hit this really fun stage. This was the conversation last weekend, when Josh and I were in the living room, feeling a little low on energy, but Brianna had enough for all of us (as usual).

Brianna: Can I go outside? Can I go in the backyard? Can we go to my playground?

Us:…uh…don’t you want to play inside with some toys?

Brianna: No. Can I go outside? Can I go in the backyard? Can we go to my playground?

Me: We could just throw her in the backyard and go sit in the sunroom and watch her from there.

Brianna: Don’t throw me. I will walk outside.

Coming Soon: Epublishing 101

My goal is to try and clear up some of the common misconceptions about epublishing (for example: it doesn’t cost anything to produce a book, there’s no overhead), make the process of epublishing easier to understand, explain the business model more in depth and take a look at the distribution of ebooks and the differences between print on demand and…well…print on demand (bet that makes you wonder what the heck I’m talking about!).

I’m hoping that the posts will be comprehensive enough to provide the RWA task force with some solid, basic information to educate themselves and their membership about epublishing.

But to do that, I need help, because this is kind of a daunting task. Tell me some of the misconceptions you hear about epublishing, share what you think the benefits/positives of epublishing are, and let me know if you have questions or there are things you don’t understand. What do you think I should talk about and make sure to cover, when blogging about epublishing?

If you don’t feel comfortable posting in the comments here, you can email me:

That’s my girl

Tonight I put Brianna to bed. After reading and singing, I went to turn out the light and she started wailing and pitching a fit. She wanted the light on. She wanted to read in bed. It was a proud moment for me 😉

Better than doing a rain dance…

This morning after going to breakfast and grocery shopping, Josh, Brianna and I washed my truck. It hasn’t rained here in weeks, it’s been a very dry summer. As soon as we finished, it started raining. Within 2 hours we’d gotten something like 3-5 inches of rain. See? Better than doing a rain dance!

I worked today…

Blech. I usually say I try not to work on the weekends, with the exception of answering a few emails. But today I worked. All day. Answering some emails (I still have 80 to answer) and doing edits on a book. I’m at a busy time in my schedule (okay, okay it’s always busy, but even more so right now) and if I can just get some good working hours in, I’ll be…not ahead of the game, but in a good place.

But the fact that I worked all day today has really made me realize how much I don’t want to be working on the weekend. But right now, I really only have 3 1/2 work days during the week. M-W-Th and a few hours Friday morning. That’s not really cutting it. I’ve been keeping Brianna home with me on Tuesdays, doing playdates or taking her to do fun stuff, the two of us. I love that, but when it’s meaning giving up my Saturday with both her and Josh…well. I’m thinking it’s time for more full time daycare. Which makes me a little sad, but might be better for all of us. Such a hard decision to make!

The good news is, I’m just about done for the day (at 7 on a Saturday night. How sad is my life? lol) and I’m going to shut down the computer and do something fun *gasp*. Maybe I’ll get a book read or a movie watched!

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