Dear D.C. United Fan,
This message is to inform you that this morning, Monday July 2nd, single-game individual tickets to the August 9th D.C. United vs. LA Galaxy match — aka “The David Beckham Game” — at RFK Stadium will go on sale through Ticketmaster.

With over 30,000 seats sold already, and only ~12,000 still remaining, we anticipate this game to be completely sold out by the end of the week.

Josh and I actually went last year, to D.C. United versus LA Galaxy. I bought him tickets for his birthday (which is in August the week before mine) because he’s a huge soccer fan. Soccer related stuff makes good gifts for him (Father’s Day last year was a personalized jersey). It was a fun experience, going to the game. we got to see Landon Donovan play and score at least one goal. And Freddy Adu played as well. This year, we’ll get to see David Beckham with any luck. We’ve been waiting for tickets to this game to go on sale. I got the email and had tickets bought within five minutes. I’m looking forward to it and with a sell-out crowd, it’s sure to be sheer craziness. Fun!

On a Beckham side note, when I Googled him for a picture, this article popped up. Most of you won’t care but my husband reads this blog so it’s for him (and he’s the reason I didn’t go with the shirtless pic of Beckham. You sense the love? 😉 )

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