Josh and I had a really great Fourth of July. Brianna went to my mother-in-law’s Monday night to spend time with her after my MIL had been away for several weeks. Brianna’s cousins were also there. Jordan is about 4 years older than Brianna but they play well together. So Josh and I had three, count ’em, three kid-less nights and days. We took full advantage of them ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I had this awesome Thursday Thirteen planned with pictures from my camera phone that I took on the Fourth, because we had a full day. But yesterday, I woke up with a hangover, for God’s sake. And before you all think I went out and got rip-roaring drunk, I’m going to disappoint you and clue you in to what a freaking lightweight I apparently am. I had a small mojito with our appetizers around 6:30. Then, I nursed the equivalent of about 12 oz of draft beer from about 7:30 until 1 in the morning. Between two bars. Yeah, big lush, that’s me. Apparently, draft beer causes horrible headaches and the need to sleep all day. So I got up in the morning and my head hurt holy hell bad, so I went back to bed until about 11am. That, some aspirin and some Gatorade did the trick and I was actually incredibly productive in the afternoon. But didn’t have the energy for TT. So no cool post with pictures ๐Ÿ™

Brianna came home last night and this morning, as I was getting her ready for daycare, I noticed her ankle was swollen. Now, she’d been moving around fine all morning and the night before, and she wasn’t complaining about it–except when we tried to put shoes on. She had a ton of bug bites around her ankle, though. I got her to daycare and they freaked out about it. That should have been my first clue. From there, I went tanning and got home around 9:30am. Started answering emails and at 10:15 they called to tell me how concerned they were about it. I’d already made her a doc appointment for afternoon, so I let them know that. *snort* 10:45 they call and tell me the teachers are worried about the color, that Brianna is favoring it and that I need to come and pick her up. Okay then.

So I call the doctor and no, they don’t have an earlier appointment. The orthopedist doesn’t have any openings at all. So they suggest taking her to the walk in clinic. Fine. I go and get her and she’s being carried around on the hip of one of the teachers. And when they took the kids for a walk, Brianna got to ride in the wagon the whole time (usually they have to take turns) Clue number one. I look at her foot and it actually looks less swollen then when I took her in this morning. Huh. Clue number two. I get her to the clinic and…they don’t see kids under 6. By this time, it’s 11:45 and her pediatrician will see her at 1:15. I decide to grab her lunch, take her home and just get to that appointment. At home, the child is running all over. No limping, no complaints of pain, and the swelling is noticeable, but not any worse. Clue number three. My 2 year old has suckered the entire staff at daycare. They expressed concern, she played into it. They thought it should hurt, she told them it did. They thought she shouldn’t walk, she didn’t. Yes, my child is a player.

Eventually we did get to the pediatrician and she had Brianna run down the hall. Diagnosis? Reaction to the bug bites. Suggestion: Give her Bendadryl. Yay me for paying twenty-five dollars for that.

She’s conked out upstairs and I’m trying to go through my inbox. I’m down to only 70-some emails flagged for response. Only. *sob* And I really need to think about getting ready for RWA.

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