I’m a terrible blogger when it comes down to me going out of town. I have a lot of stuff to say but not much energy or brain cells with which to say it. Getting ready for RWA isn’t the worst part, it’s getting ready to be away from my “office” for the better part of the week. That means I need to get ahead on everything, from edits to emails, in addition to packing and getting beautified.

I spent most of my weekend working around the house. We’re still trying to get the house ready to sell, just not very quickly. So all day Sunday we worked upstairs, getting the bedrooms mostly in order. If you’d seen the baskets of laundry sitting around, you’d know what a feat this was. We are terrible about putting laundry away.

Monday I worked. I got a lot accomplished but I’m still going to need to squeeze some work in on the plane, if possible. I did get my flagged messages down from almost 90 to just over 20. Yay! As a reward for getting so much done yesterday, I left the house an hour before I had to pick Brianna up from daycare, and ran to the mall. I’d seen a dress there that I really wanted to try on but hadn’t had a chance to. They had one left in my size–on the mannequin. It was perfect. A very classic black dress that won’t go out of style, so I can wear it as long as I fit into it 😉 That was the good thing about the mall. I got my shopping done, was gabbing on the phone to Crissy and stopped at the mall ATM to get cash. Wandered over to another store to kill a few more minutes and found a bra on clearance. When I went to pay for it and realized I’d left my card in the ATM. :loser:

I called Josh right away and he got it canceled for me. Of course, this is my check card, so I’ve now got no check card to take to RWA with me. I did manage to get a temporary ATM card and my new card will be here in a week. The bright side of this is that it’s a Bank of America check card and they have your picture on them. Well, when we opened the account I was 8 months pregnant (read: 60 pounds heavier) so I look quite…er…chunky in my picture. Since I went in and ordered a new card, I asked to have a new picture taken. No problem. Yay!

In addition to doing that this morning, I’ve also tanned and half-packed. I have almost all of my clothes ready to go, I just have to gather all the little things now (toiletries and cords for electronics). I’ve also got a pedicure and a haircut scheduled for this afternoon. Add in changing the water in the fish tank, spending time with family and finishing up packing and today isn’t long enough. I’m leaving for the airport around 7am tomorrow and will get to Dallas around 3:30. Crissy and I are meeting up in Atlanta so I’ll have a flying buddy the second half of the trip.

I will *try* to blog from the conference but I make no promises. Have a great week and see some of you in Dallas tomorrow!

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