Stephanie Feagan, one of the current RWA board members, left a comment on my last post, and I didn’t want it to get buried or missed, so I’m going to quote it here. And then I’m not going to talk about this for awhile because even if all of you aren’t tired of hearing me, I’m a little tired of hearing myself 😉 I’m ready for some pictures of Brianna and really, who wouldn’t be?

Thank you very much for this blog post. It bothers me, as you can imagine, that the board is always perceived as The Man, trying to hold down the little guy. I think at this point, semantics are kicking our butt – and we will be issuing clarification very soon. It’s simply that we’re all fried at the moment. I didn’t actually get home until last night. But we’re working on it, I promise.

I mostly wanted to clarify why I asked for this task force. Yes, I and others on the board need more information before we can propose plans for the future. But the task force isn’t just to educate the board – its purpose is to study and prepare recommendations on the formation of educational programming for members who are currently epubbed, or who may be considering it. Knowledge is power, and there seems to be a great deal of misinformation within the membership when it comes to epublishing. Those who’ve taken the epub route know the ins and outs – and it’s my hope that these authors will be future workshop presenters, both online and at conference. This will be a benefit to those considering epublishing. But I’d also like to see workshops and programs geared toward multi-pubbed writers in epublishing. There are undoubtedly questions about promotion, distribution, sales numbers, contracts, etc. In short, I believe a great many members would benefit from education – and at this time, it’s not readily available. This is the purpose of the task force – to figure out how best to educate and fill the needs of members, then make proposals to the board.

Right now, the possibilities are endless. Our first task is to educate ourselves, both internally and externally. Once we understand the nuances of the business, we’ll query the members, to find out what they’d like to see, what they envision for the future.

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