Thursday Thirteen

1. I met Nora and got my picture taken with her.

Really, that should be numbers one through thirteen, but that might be boring and I strive not to be too boring.

2. I dropped my Blackberry and killed it on Friday the 13th.

3. That same cursed day, Crissy and I took a taxi from the Dallas hotel to the store where we needed to exchange the phone. We got that cab driver from hell that’s the part of so many urban legends. We almost died. No really. We spent more time in other lanes than in our own, I might have a permanent tremor from the vibration of the taxi driver driving hash marks. At one point, I rearranged my legs so they weren’t next to the door, but instead in the middle of the taxi, to minimize any damage a car accident might cause. He detoured us through downtown Fort Worth. Chased a cop car through the city trying to get directions. And then charged us for all those extra miles. We did NOT take that taxi back.

4. Again, on Friday the 13th, I lost the 2gb microSD card for the Blackberry that I’d JUST gotten in the mail three days prior. I took it out of the damaged phone and put it in a “safe place”. Never to be seen again. Truly, it was a Friday the 13th to forget.

5. I met Nora and got my picture taken with her.

Hee. You didn’t think I’d say it only once, did you?

6. I read Caressed by Ice by Nalini Singh (who I did get to meet this past week and spend some time talking to. She’s fabulous, cute and interesting. On top of being a great writer!).

omg, awesome. It doesn’t release for a few more months, so you all will have to wait and I’ll do a longer post later, but I just wanted to say here how much I thought it rocked.

7. Got told by an author in the bar that I rejected her book. Apparently my facial expressions were priceless because Heather Osborn said it was her favorite moment of the conference. The author said I called it “derivative and shitty”. Well, apparently not so many words, I was nice about it but that was meaning behind it. Came home and looked her up because I had no recollection of it at all, which made me feel bad. Hmm…not on my spreadsheets. Turns out, that’s because it wasn’t me who rejected it. Ha. All is right in my world again. Clearly I don’t mind being an evil editor…as long as I’m not confronted with it in person 😉

8. I met a slew of people who I refuse to name, because I know I’ll forget someone and offend them, but in that bunch is Nora Roberts. Sorry, I couldn’t resist, lolol. Okay, okay. I got to spend a lot of time with THE Jaci Burton too, which was pretty awesome, because we spend all day together on IM but rarely in person. I’m going to share pictures on the blog in the next few days, so you’ll get to see plenty of her too, since there seem to be a lot of pictures of the two of us together.

9. Fallon’s Revenge by Mackenzie McKade won the Passionate Ink contest in its category. Yayyy! Congratulations, Mac. I raced out of the Passionate Ink luncheon as soon as it was announced and called her to tell her. I’d promised I would and that was a promise I was thrilled to follow up on.

10. You saw picture proof of this, but my baby finally started peddling on a tricycle. We’ve been trying to teach her for months and she finally started doing it at my in-laws last week. She’s so proud and pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself.

11. Tuesday night I slept in the spare bedroom because Josh had gone to bed at 6:30 (he’s sick) and I didn’t want to wake him up. Shortly after I went to bed, he came busting into the room saying I’d scared the hell out of him. Apparently he woke up and couldn’t find me. His next step was to check the baby’s room and see if I’d taken her and left. Say it with me now. Dumbass. (yes, I’m mocking him even if I do know it was the fever thinking for him).

12. Wednesday, the cable internet went out at about 11:15 am. I spent 30 minutes on hold with the cable company (I know I’m not exagerrating because my phone told me it was 30 minutes). After 10 minutes on the phone with them I learned 1) it wasn’t their fault. 2) no one could come out until Saturday *eek* and 3) maybe I had a faulty modem.

So I got in the truck and drove to the cable office. Where there were no parking spaces (in a really large lot). First bad sign. And where, when I opened the door, the line was backed up to the door. Second bad sign. AND where there were only TWO people working. Greaaaat. Thanfully, I’ve got the Blackberry with me, so I figure I’ll do some blog-hopping while waiting for the thirty people in front of me to get their issues solved. But after about 2 minutes, a lady behind me starts bitching about how her internet and internet phone are out. Huh. My internet is out too. People along the line say…mine too. And almost as one you hear “they told me to bring my modem in and get it replaced.” Huh. Then someone says, “About an hour ago I was on the phone and my internet just…went out.” Weird. That’s the same time my “modem stopped working”. And many others in line.

I, being smart, decide to call the local cable number (while standing in their lobby). Busy single. Okay, 800 number (it’s ironic I had to use the Blackberry to look that up on the internet while standing in their lobby). Well, well,well. Interesting message, “We’re experiencing a high volume of calls due to a service outage in your area. Technicians have been dispatched to fix the problem.” Huh. I hung up, announced it to the lobby and then said I wasn’t waiting in line to exchange a perfectly good modem. And I left. With half the line.

15 minutes after getting home and hooking up my “broken” modem, the internet miraculously started working again. That was some good customer service I got /sarcasm.

13. And for my final “happening”…Josh got attacked at work yesterday by an angry employee. Yeah, there have been times I’ve been tempted to strangle him myself, but seriously? No one gets that privilege but me, dammit. So apart from some bruising and abrasions, and being extremely pissed off, he’s fine. Yes, the employee was fired and yes, Josh is pressing charges. Second Degree Assault. He got checked out by the doctor, met with the police and will also be getting an order of protection. Now we just have to worry about him bursting a blood vessel because he’s that angry (and who can blame him?)

What happened to you this week?

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