My goal is to try and clear up some of the common misconceptions about epublishing (for example: it doesn’t cost anything to produce a book, there’s no overhead), make the process of epublishing easier to understand, explain the business model more in depth and take a look at the distribution of ebooks and the differences between print on demand and…well…print on demand (bet that makes you wonder what the heck I’m talking about!).

I’m hoping that the posts will be comprehensive enough to provide the RWA task force with some solid, basic information to educate themselves and their membership about epublishing.

But to do that, I need help, because this is kind of a daunting task. Tell me some of the misconceptions you hear about epublishing, share what you think the benefits/positives of epublishing are, and let me know if you have questions or there are things you don’t understand. What do you think I should talk about and make sure to cover, when blogging about epublishing?

If you don’t feel comfortable posting in the comments here, you can email me:

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