All Romance Ebooks needs some help

Forwarded message below:

I’m asking for your help to get the word out that folks need to “re-friend” us on MySpace and I’m asking that you “friend” us if you have an account.
Most of you know that ARe has been using MySpace to communicate with readers about The eBookclub. We opened our MySpace page for that purpose and in 2 months we’d managed to accumulate close to 6000 friends.

Apparently that’s too tempting for some hackers. MySpace and Scrapfairy Designs have been quick to respond and our page is back up at the same address but with only 1 friend, Tom.

ARe–The eBookclub is featuring a wonderful read for the month of September and our second eBookblub meeting is going to be in a couple weeks. We have a great fall season planned and are determined to get back on our feet as quickly as possible.

Please repost this to reader and author forums! , loops, and on your MySpace page if you have one. Sending a bulletin to your friends asking that they do the same would be a huge help to us. We’re relying on the power of social networking and the good will of our affiliates, readers, and authors to help us. We don’t want our bookclub members to think that we’ve wavered in our commitment to this project or that All Romance eBooks *gasp* deleted them. Here’s the address:

Lori James
All Romance eBooks, LLC

P.S. For those of you who don’t know….ARe–The eBookclub is a on-line Bookclub specific to romance eBooks. Each month we select a new release to feature. We advance purchase copies from the publisher and give them away to the first fifty members that attempt download. We also promote the book with special Behind the Scenes features, excerpts, and interviews, and host an on-line chat (usually with the author) at The Romance Galleria. This is a great way ! for people that love romance to get introduced to eBooks and for peopl e from all around the world that already are fans of romance eBooks to meet and share the experience of a fabulous read.

Editing tip of the day

Biceps is always biceps (though if you’re speaking of both biceps, it could also be bicepses, but that’s kind of awkward, eh?). You have a biceps on each arm. There is no bicep. It is a biceps muscle. Actually it’s the biceps brachii if we’re getting really technical. Shortened version: biceps. So, she grabs his biceps. Even if she’s only grabbing one arm. Got that?

See me at Smart Bitches

The second interview I did this week. Can you tell I’m feeling the love? Sarah of Smart Bitches asks me some very hard questions about books I’m afraid to admit I love. Telling things like that on Smart Bitches is a bit like the thought of taking my clothes off in public; Enough to make me want to go huddle in bed and suck my thumb for a good long time.

We all know I love me some purses, right?

Yeah, as if all my posts on the purses I lust after aren’t a clue? And we know I’ve recently become addicted to Etsy, where I want to spend lots of money and buy stuff. So when I saw this post for this contest to win a purse by someone who sells on Etsy, well, I was all about it!

The contest is being held on Scribblescratch. The prize?

A beautiful handbag, sporting a blue, floral pattern. The handbag is designed by Rebecca Weis and is absolutely gorgeous. It’s valued at $35 USD. She has put incredible detail and love into making this bag. As an owner of two other Rebecca Weis bags, I can promise you that you are going to love it. The bag features bamboo handles and is 8 inches high, 10 inches wide and 3.5 inches from front to back.

And look! A picture!

*lustful sigh*

You all don’t have to do anything (I’ve already done it by forcing you to read another post about my purse fantasies).

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