He found her handcuffed to his bed. Can they unchain her memories in time to save her life?

Lost But Not Forgotten
© 2007 Mackenzie McKade
Erotic Contemporary Romance
Now Available from Samhain Publishing

When pharmaceutical researcher Alexis Knight returns home from the Amazon jungle in a quest to reclaim the year of her life lost to amnesia, she discovers a host of changes have taken place in her absence. Not only has the shy, geeky boy she knew years ago transformed into a virile, confident hunk, he’s bought her family home and is in the process of turning her late mother’s bedroom into a den of iniquity.

When Jake O’Malley finds spitfire Allie handcuffed to his bed, accused of breaking and entering, his first thought is that his dreams have been served up to him on a platter. Then he realizes she’s not acting when she says she doesn’t remember the past year, nor her own mother’s death.

As Jake eases Allie past her grief, her journey to reclaim her memories entwines with an exploration into the world of BDSM. Just as their psychological duel to dominate heats up, they make another, more chilling discovery.

There’s a reason Allie lost her memory—someone wants her dead.

Enjoy the following excerpt for Lost But Not Forgotten:
Crap. Allie hightailed it toward her bedroom, shutting the door just before Jake burst from the bathroom.
The pounding on her bedroom door startled her, but she didn’t move.

“You little witch. Open this door.” Jake didn’t sound too happy.

“Serves you right,” she shouted at the closed door. The pipes in the house had always been a little finicky. She had learned that much as a child. Too many times, she had begun to bathe just as her mother started the dishes. The result was hot or cold water—never anything in between.

Truth was she could use a cold shower about now. It had taken all her strength not to accept what Jake offered, a night in his arms. Even now, her body burned with need.

Allie’s heart raced as she leaned against the locked door. From the other side, Jake shook it so that she felt the tremor clear to her bones.

“Allie, let me in,” he growled.

“Beat all you want. You’re not getting in here.” Vibrations from his pounding continued to shake the door. Abruptly, they stopped. Allie harrumphed.

“Giving up so soon?” A chuckle of satisfaction rose and died as quickly.

She shouldn’t have taken her temper out on Jake. Everything that had happened recently was overwhelming. She was in trouble—big trouble.

Jake had been good to her mother—good to her. He didn’t have to let her stay here. Truth was this wasn’t her house. But that hadn’t stopped her from making an appointment to meet with her mother’s lawyer tomorrow.

The click of the lock sent her into action. “Oh, shit!” Allie flung herself against the door, but it was too late. Jake rushed through still only wearing the towel low around his hips. The inertia sent her backward and she fell on her ass. Pain radiated up her spine.

“Sonofabitch!” That hurts.

Before she could rise on her own, Jake yanked her to her feet, firmly against his solid chest. The lines on his face were hardened, but his eyes were not.
Damn man was enjoying himself. Her anger flared anew, racing like a wildfire across her cheeks.

He gave her a little shake. “I ought to jerk you across my lap and beat your ass.”

She glared at him. “You wouldn’t dare.”

Jake released her, except for the iron grip he had on her right arm. “The hell you say.” He began to drag her toward the bed.

Planting her heels into the worn carpet, she balled her freed fist and swung.

With lightning speed, he caught the punch and slammed her back against the wall. The air in her lungs gushed out on impact. She recovered quickly, countering with a raised knee to his groin that missed its mark. Just in time, he swung away only returning to pin her flat against the wall with his unyielding body.

Trapped. She couldn’t move—couldn’t breathe, except for the spicy, masculine scent that assailed her.

Damn. He was good. He knew her way too well, anticipating every defensive move she made.

“Release me or I’ll—”

In a surprise response, he stole her threat away with a punishing kiss.

There was no gentleness in his touch. Teeth meshed with teeth. His invasion was demanding, forceful, as his tongue pushed past her tight lips. Fast and skillfully, he tasted every inch of her mouth.

Her struggles for release were futile. He was bigger—stronger—and his body covered hers like a shield.

This definitely wasn’t the boy she knew.

Allie whimpered, caught between anger and the slow burn he stirred inside her as he ground his hips to hers. His arousal pressed tight against her belly. His masterful kiss plucked the strings of her desire, pulling her deeper and deeper under his control.

But he wouldn’t win, she swore to herself, even when his warm hand slid between the folds of her silky robe. Yet when his fingertips worked past her camisole to cup her breast, she silently screamed, No! You won’t win—

Her breath caught as he squeezed her nipple.

Sweet pain splintered through her breast as he increased the pressure. The radiating sensation filtered through her globe, heading down south to tighten low in her belly.

Anger and need collided, releasing a fresh wave of desire between her thighs.

It had been forever since she’d made love, felt her body satisfied.

The truth was she needed to be held. With everything that had happened, Allie needed a strong man’s arms around her more than anything.

Before Allie could change her mind, she wadded her hands in the towel around his waist and pulled. The deep rumble in his throat only heated her blood more. Her fingertips weaved through his light dusting of chest hair. Within seconds, he had her devoid of her robe, camisole, and panties, her heavy breasts against his moist chest.

For a moment, he didn’t speak and only stared at her breasts. The desire in his eyes stoked the fire inside her.

Again, he captured her lips in a fiery kiss, hungry and fierce. His smoothed his palms slowly up the outside of her thighs, then moved inward. She inched her legs apart, waiting breathlessly as he skimmed closer to her pussy.

A deep growl vibrated next to her neck sending a shiver through her.

His fingers played across her skin. Every place he touched sparked with life.

His gaze was hot—sultry.

She released a squeal as he pushed her back against the cool, stucco wall and lifted her off her feet.

“Wrap your legs around my waist.” His voice was a dark seduction, so demanding.

She locked her ankles behind his waist, pressing his erection hard against her wet folds. Before she could weave her arms around his neck, he captured both wrists in one large hand and held them high above her head. He looped his other arm beneath her ass. His body did the rest to keep her suspended.


She tried to suck in a much-needed breath, but he took that moment to shift his hips and drive his cock deep inside her.

“Ahhh…” she groaned. Jake was so large it took a moment for her body to soften and receive him. When he moved deeper, filling her completely, all thought, not to mention argument, fled from her mind. Her only coherent reflection was how wonderful he felt buried inside her. Then he began to thrust, not gently, but hard and fast.

Oh God. It was heavenly.

Allie had never had a man fit her so perfectly—one who made her pussy hum as he did, moving in and out of her body. Every muscle tightened with delight, every nerve ending came alive.

Stinging rays shot up her chamber. “Jake!” she screamed, writhing against him. Hands pinned above her head, she jerked for release, but it was useless.

He slammed into her body with a force she felt at the back of her womb. Her orgasm moved closer and closer. She needed what lingered just out of reach, driving her insane, as her breasts rasped against his chest.

“Come for me,” he rumbled.

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