Much better title than “I’m having an existential crisis”, don’t you think? I keep having this vision of Anthony Michael Hall in The Breakfast Club, with the pen in his mouth going “Who am I? Who am I?” Which makes me question today sound much more serious than it really is. And I’ll bet you’re wondering how I could possibly have given this post the title I did. I’ll get to that.

The past month or so I’ve been toying with separating my blog and keeping two. In other words, this is an existential crisis for the blog, not for me 😉 One for “editor” type stuff and one for my personal blog. I sometimes wonder what people are thinking when they search for me (and there seem to be a large number of people Googling me, if my blog stats are anything to go by) and find a blog where I talk more about Brianna than I do anything related to editing. The problem is that I couldn’t possibly carry blog content for an “editor only” blog more than 3 or 4 days a week and that might even be pushing it. I know there are some agents and editors out there who do a fabulous job of daily content that’s publishing related, but my head would explode if I had to think that hard about it.

On the other hand, perhaps some people would prefer a blog that only is updated 3 or 4 days a week but where they didn’t have to wade through all my personal posts? With the Epublishing 101 series I’m going to be starting, maybe people coming for that don’t want to read about what I want for my birthday 😉 And I could pretty easily do blog content for a personal blog on a daily basis. But then again, maybe the people visiting love all of my blog content and just want more, more, more. *snort*

So I’ve been thinking about this and not able to come to any sort of decision (though I do already have a title for a blog should I decide to seperate them). Then I realized–who better to ask than the people who actually read my blog? And I was sorting through all the promo material that I got from the conference circuit over the summer and realized I have a LOT of pens. And that’s where the title of the post comes in. Drop me a comment and tell me your thoughts on this whole blog thing. To be seperate or not to be seperate?

I’ll pick one person from the commenters some time next week and send you a whole package of pens–and I’ll throw in a few free books I brought back from the various conferences as well. Help me decide!

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