I like to skim through the entries to this contest every year. I think I signed an author from a query I sent after reading an entry one year.

It’s that time. The 2007 SCARLET BOA CONTEST begins again.

This year’s scene: a paranormal interlude.

The revelation that a human character is enmeshed with a vampire, werewolf, or the other-worldly and highly dangerous but completely magnetic character of your choice.

Pour on the emotion, but keep control of your characters. This is your chance to rip the throats out of your competition, heh-heh!

The Scarlet Boa contest is open to published and non-published authors alike. Submit your entry (up to 500 words) on the Scarlet Boa Entry Form. We’ll accept submissions until September 1st and will post all of the entries online on September 15th.

So who’s going to judge this thing? You are! Scenes will be judged by readers?who knows better what makes their blood race?

The author of the winning scene will receive (apart from kudos, bragging rights and press coverage) the coveted Scarlet Boa, a gorgeous red feather boa that will simply scream “I write Romance!” (well, it will scream something). And since we can’t leave out the judges, one lucky voter’s name will be drawn at random and they’ll receive a sumptious white boa to wear while reading their new romance novels.

Important dates:

August 1 through September 1: Submissions accepted
September 15: Submissions posted online
October 15-28: Voting (first round)
November 1: Finalists announced
November 1 thru November 10: Voting (2nd round)
November 14: Winner announced in a LIVE chat at Writerspace!

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