I mean, we’re off to see DC United play the LA Galaxy (and Landon Donovan, who I enjoy watching, and the LA Galaxy goalie, who I’ve recently discovered is kind of hot. Not that that matters. I’m going for the love of the game. No really). Actually, we may be very lucky in that David Beckham has been nursing an ankle injury, and hasn’t played in any games (except that exhibition game he played just a few minutes of when he first arrived to join the team). But word has it that he practiced yesterday, so we may be the lucky fans to see him play his first game 🙂

We’ve been teaching Brianna his name, but so far when asked who we’re going to see, she still says “Beckham David”. Close. I’ll have to see if I can get video of it.

If you watch the game on TV, I’ll be the one chanting, “Take it off, take it allllll off.” Of course, I’ll be talking to my husband. Of course.

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