Sweetie, close your eyes. I’m going to say nasty, nasty things about David Beckham and you don’t need to see them.

Ladies, let me just start off my game-night experience with the important stuff…I saw David Beckham without his shirt one! Fans of his will know that he always plays with a long-sleeved jersey, so before he went into the game last night, he changed into that. On the sidelines. And he took of his undershirt too. Presumably because it had been raining and it was soaked. Thank you, God. Whatever the reason, I saw David Beckham without his shirt on and I am not ashamed to say I squealed. Loudly.

Now, back to the beginning. More Beckham pictures in the post. Promise. We got there about an hour early (thank goodness, we missed the worst part of the traffic). I bought tickets as soon as they went on sale, but we were still in the nosebleed section (better seats went to those who bought package deals). Here’s the die-hard fan section that’s at every game.

Brianna was excited to see “Talon”. Of all things at the game, she’s been talking about seeing Talon and Beckham David.

This amused me. Here are some pictures of the media circus around David Beckham. As soon as he came onto the field, two things happened: all the women cheered, all the men boo’d and the media formed a circle around him. I’m including a picture of the whole field, during the National Anthem (which apparently Brianna had never heard before but really enjoyed). There’s the flag at the top of the picture, there’s Beckham at the bottom. With the media.

Look, there was a game being played!

But when David Beckham got up to start stretching, the entire stadium came to its feet. This was still in the first half, though, and he spent the first half stretching, no playing.


(note, this is a link to the video I took, you can hear the crowd reaction when he starts moving, as well as my husband telling Brianna that’s David Beckham. We’re training her young)

Look, there was a game being played!

And Landon Donovan was there!

After halftime, David makes an entrance. Every time he comes to the crowd’s attention, the men boo, the women scream. They had a jumbo-tron and flashed “Beckham cam” every couple minutes.

And it rained. Which made me worry that he wouldn’t play, since a wet field is more dangerous.

And more stretching.

Bend it Beckham, bend it!

And he’s going in! His first MLS game! (he played an exhibition game for a few minutes, this is his first MLS play) Keep in mind, as soon as the crowd realizes he’s going in, they’re on their feet. The women around me? Squealing loudly. *I* was squealing while my husband looked on somewhat indulgently (love you, sweetie!) But meanwhile, the stadium roaring–and there’s still a game being played. I felt a little sorry for the players. But not enough to stop taking pictures of David taking his shirt off.

And there he is on the field.

All in all, it was a fun game to attend. They said attendance was 46,600 people. A record attendance for any DC United game. You really could feel the electricity of the crowd, looking forward to seeing him. Josh and I were highly amused, though. As he pointed out, there were a whole lot of people there who’d never watched soccer before in their lives. Many pretty young girls in dresses and makeup. I’m not sure what they were expecting. A personal introduction?

But let’s end this post on a nice note. Beckham on the big screen. Reoooowr.

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