So in the past few days, since we made the decision to go to Disney, here’s what’s happened:

We changed our tickets (at no extra charge and online, with no hassle. Southwest rocks!) to arrive on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. This will allow us 3 full days to do Disney, then leave Saturday morning for Daytona Beach and spend the full weekend there. Then a quick drive back to Orlando Monday morning and flying home. 7 days of vacation *grin*. Oh, and we’re going to go to Daytona Speedway that Sunday, I think, and do all the fun Nascar stuff they have there.

Someone we know who works for a hotel chain scored us room reservations in Orlando, at Comfort Inn Suites (two miles from Disney), for $40 a night. For those doing the math at home, that’s $176 for the four nights we’ll be there and that means we’re only up to $525 total for airfare and hotel, for the Orlando portion of the trip (we still have two nights of hotel in Daytona beach to deal with. Sadly, we’ll probably pay more for those two nights than the first four).

Car reservations are made, for a full-size car, for a week. $140 with the coupon code I used. Trip total is now up to $670, I have high hopes for keeping it under $2000.

I ordered and received the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, from Amazon (God bless Amazon Prime). And I’m 100 pages in, my head hurts and I wonder what exactly I was thinking when I thought a trip to Disney World was a great idea 😉 But the book is teaching me a lot I never would have known, so it was worth it.

Once Josh’s friend, JT, found out we were going to be at the wedding, he asked Josh to be his best man! Isn’t that awesome? Yay!

My plans for this week: Finding a hotel room in Daytona Beach near the hotel the wedding is taking place.
Researching theme park tickets. We’re only going to have three days at Disney World and I think we’ve decided to do Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Animal Kingdom and skip MGM (Josh and I have both been, though it’s been years, but Josh has never been to Epcot and I love Epcot, so that made our decision a bit easier).
Starting to work out again. I’ve realized I’m going to be walking miles and miles on vacation, and if I’m not at least a little in shape, I’ll never make it. Working on a computer all day is not conducive to lots of walking on a vacation!

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