So school is starting for some people today. Since I only have a 2 year old, this doesn’t affect me, but I was thinking about how early this seems. I remember when school didn’t start until after Labor Day (nearly a month later) and if you had an August birthday you had no prayer of getting to have a celebration in the classroom. And we were always done by Memorial Day. Now most schools go to mid-June. Why is school so much longer now?

This weekend I made Brianna a dress. Not from scrap, but from a really cute pink plaid women’s long-sleeve shirt I picked up at Goodwill. I followed a tutorial on craftster that someone shared with me. She was going to wear it to a birthday party we were invited to yesterday, but instead she spent Sunday laying on me, on the couch, watching TV. Seems she’s caught whatever bug has been going around lately. So she missed the party and she’s been very disappointed about that. It was actually going to be her first birthday party (other than her own). We were both sad and the last thing the pitiful child said to me as I put her to bed last night was, “Did I miss the party?”

I also sewed her some sheets for her toddler bed. Just flat sheets because they’re hard to find, fitted sheets can be bought because the mattress is the same as a crib mattress. Flat sheets are harder to find not in an expensive set. So for $2 a sheet, I made 4 sheets in about an hour. As I was sewing, we had this conversation:

Brianna: are you making me sheets so I can pee on them?
Me: Why would you want to do that?
Brianna: Because I can.

Lord help me. So, on Saturday, not realizing she was going to be sick the next day, we set up her toddler bed and she slept in it for the first time. Yes, she’d still been in the crib but it worked for her, and for us. She never tried to climb out and since she’s a crazy sleeper (moving 360 degrees up and down the length of the crib), she slept well in the crib. But with us going to Disney in September, I’m kind of hoping she can sleep on the sleeper sofa that will be in our room, and she is almost three, so it seemed a good time for the toddler bed transition.

Saturday night and Sunday naptime went great. She doesn’t seem to realize being in the bed means she could potentially move around her room (and the rest of the house), which is fine with me. Sunday night, about 10pm, though, she fell out of bed. We know because she made a terrible thump. Josh and I both made to run upstairs but he shoved me out of the way with a hockey-type full body check and one of the cats moved in for the kill by getting under my feet. In short, Josh made it upstairs much more quickly than I did because I was slowed down by my brush with death. She was already back in bed, slightly scared and weepy, so Josh layed with her for a bit.

This morning, as we were walking downstairs, she informed me that there were no monsters under her bed. She told me “I checked, and there are no monsters under there”. lol, smart kid.

She’s home with me today and it’s shaping up to be a long day because she’s not well enough to go to daycare (though it chaps my ass that I have to still pay for that day), but she’s feeling better enough that she wants to be doing something (normally she doesn’t want to just sit, she wants to be doing, doing, doing).

So, how was your weekend?

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