I know I’ve been a bad blogger, and though there are certainly topics I could blog about–and I have some posts that just need polishing and I promised Jane I’d post pictures of the dress I made Brianna–I just don’t have the time or energy.

If I could point to any time in my marriage to Josh that things have been bad, I think these past two weeks are it. No, not necessarily between us, just in general. I don’t think we’ve seen enough of each other to really have things be bad between us, sad to say πŸ™ His work has hit an all time bad spot, and he’s worked 15 hour days the last few weeks. 70 hour work weeks. I think, in the past five days, he’s seen Brianna for a grand total of maybe…3 hours. That might be a generous estimate. He leaves at 7am and gets home anywhere from 6pm to 10pm. (10pm last night and we already know again tonight). I have a new appreciation for single moms who have to do this every day. I can keep hoping there’s an end in site and hopefully, this week is it. But really, the worst part is knowing that Brianna misses him, and I know that’s not easy for him either. He went in to get her out of bed this morning before work and when she walked in, she squealed, “You’re here!” Sob.

So then add in a rough work week for me. One of those weeks were I wonder what it would be like not to do my job, lol, and you know, I feel like it’s taking all my energy just to keep up with every day chores, Brianna, and my job duties. I haven’t even been reading for pleasure (or sewing). I think I have a pretty positive outlook on life in general, so I just keep telling myself that we’re lucky for what we have, that I’m lucky to be doing a job I really do love, and that eventually things will go back to a more normal routine. But man, I’m ready for that time to be NOW, lol.

I will say that I think we’ve decided not to move right now. I think. God knows that could change this weekend πŸ˜‰ But we’re hoping that Josh can find a job more easily here in the area and seriously, I’m not sure what the stress of a move would do to our sanity at this point.

And on the bright side of all this, for those of you waiting to hear from me on submissions (particularly the cat shifter anthology), all this time at night without a husband has given me a whole lot of time to read subs and I’m in the second stage of narrowing down my choices πŸ™‚

But so you don’t think I’m all gloom and doom, I will share something with you that made me laugh until I almost cried last night. I adore my dad, I think he’s a really funny guy and I’ve often told him I wish he’d been writing his stories down over his past 30 years in law enforcement, because I would LOVE to see him write his memoirs (and hey, free editing services from his daughter!) Well, tomorrow is Josh’s birthday and my dad sent him a card that’s totally appropriate…for me! I was highly amused. Josh, not as much (which makes it even funnier in its own way).

Here you have a birthday card with a George Bush head on the front (it shakes when you move it. I took a video of me playing with it and gootchy-gooing George under the chin, lolol, but I didn’t upload that).



*cue hysterical giggles from me*

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