One island…One woman…Two studs

© 2007 Eve Vaughn
Multicultural Erotic Romance
Now Available from Samhain Publishing

India Powers is at the end of her rope. After dumping her cheating fiancé and having a falling out with her parents, she decides to take a much needed vacation. In route she meets two hunky fellow vacationers in the form of Rafe Santiago and Grant Thompson. Though she’s not looking for love, India sees no harm in a little island flirtation.

Rafe and Grant have been friends since they were kids; both from broken homes, all they had were each other. Their closeness leads them to the discovery they enjoy sharing the same women. After surviving a stormy marriage that nearly destroys their friendship, Rafe vows to never let another woman come between them. To celebrate Rafe’s divorce, he and Grant take a vacation in hopes of finding Miss Right along the way.

Tragedy strikes when their plane goes down. In a twist of fate, the only survivors are India, Grant and Rafe. Stranded for weeks, their daily fight for survival turns into something much deeper when India falls for both men and they for her. However, when they’re rescued and returned to civilization, they fall under public scrutiny. Can their newfound love survive when outside forces step in to tear them apart?

Enjoy the following excerpt for Stranded:
India shivered beneath the cold, sharp rain tearing into her skin. She didn’t know how long she’d walked or in what direction she’d been going, but she ended up in an unfamiliar stretch of woods.

Maybe she’d die out here and it would be all Rafe and Grant’s fault! They’d placed her in this predicament. Had they not confronted her with their perversions…no, that wasn’t exactly true. It had been Rafe. From the beginning she knew he was the aggressive go-getter type who went after what he wanted. The kind of attitude most women found sexy as hell, but for him to say what he did was not right.

India wouldn’t allow them to use her for their amusement, not even if they weren’t ever rescued. What they wanted was dirty…and wrong. Now if she only could figure out where she was… It wouldn’t be so bad if the rain didn’t make visibility so low. She wandered a few more yards before she stumbled, falling face first into a puddle of mud.

“I won’t cry,” she muttered with determination, dragging herself to a sitting position. Her resolve was shattered seconds later as a cry escaped her lips. Sobs racked her body, her tears mingling with the rain. She hadn’t cried since that first night when they buried that body, and now that was all she could think to do. India couldn’t recall giving in to her emotions this way ever.

Even the years of parental neglect, teasing in school and realizing she’d never be the person most people expected her to be, had never made her break down like this. India wished she hadn’t allowed her anger to take her out of the cave and into unfamiliar territory. She sat unmoving for several moments waiting for something, anything to happen, when the rain stopped abruptly, not steadily easing up as it usually did.

Now she should be able to find her way back. How big could this place be exactly? India fought to stand, her legs weak and tired. Wandering through the forest, India looked for landmarks she may have seen before, but didn’t see anything she recognized.

Just when she was ready to give up, she halted upon hearing her name called out. “India!” The sound was faint, but it was there.

“I’m here!” She tried to yell, but it came out as a weak croak.

“India!” The voices were getting closer.

She cleared her throat before calling out again. “Here I am!” India moved toward the sound of her name until the rustling of footsteps greeted her ears.

Rafe was the first one she saw, followed by Grant. She was so relieved to see them, India nearly threw herself into their arms, but memories of their last conversation had her staying where she stood.

“Thank goodness you’re okay.” Rafe’s relief was evident.

She wasn’t about to let them see how scared she’d been. “What? Didn’t you two think I could take care of myself? I’m not some helpless damsel in distress, you know.” They didn’t need to know she’d been lost. India had conceded too much to them already.

“What were you doing all the way out here?” Grant asked, looking around, a worried expression crinkling his forehead.

“I needed to think.” India didn’t bother elaborating.

“Let’s go back to the cave. It’s getting dark and you need to warm yourself by the fire. You’re soaked.” Rafe reached out to take her hand, but she pulled back.

“Don’t touch me.”

Rafe took a step closer. “India, why are you fighting this so hard? Didn’t you realize it was inevitable the three of us would eventually be together?”

India took two steps back. “I don’t want to hear this.”

Amber eyes flashed fire. “That’s too damn bad because you’re going to listen.”

“Kiss my ass.” She turned on her heel, but was immediately yanked around to face a visibly angry Rafe. “Your ass isn’t the only thing I want to kiss and you know it!”

Unable to control the ire building within her, she balled her fingers into a fist and swung at him.

Rafe caught her wrist in his hand before her punch connected. She attempted to slap him with her free hand, but was again thwarted. “Would you stop it, India?”

“No! I won’t stop it, because I don’t want this!” She swung her gaze in Grant’s direction. “Are you going to stand there and let this happen? If you do, you’re just as bad as he is.”

Grant shook his head. “Rafe, let her go.”

Rafe’s expression grew even stormier. “Hell no. We talked about this; you agreed—”

“I agreed the attraction was mutual between India and us. I came with you so you wouldn’t try anything crazy. India…” Grant walked closer to them, “…you may not want to hear this, but from the moment we saw you, we realized there was something happening between us. This is by no means a conventional situation, nor do we expect you to fall into our plans so easily, but to deny you’re not at least curious about exploring the possibilities of being with the two of us is a lie. You don’t strike me as a person to speak untruths.”

Grant’s soft-spoken words hit their mark where Rafe’s forceful tactics had failed.

“I don’t want it to be true,” she whispered, thinking herself as depraved as Rafe and Grant to even entertain what they were suggesting.

“Wanting it to go away won’t make it happen, but you’ll feel better if you admit how you feel.” Grant brushed a stray lock of wet hair from her forehead.

She lowered her lids, unable to meet his probing blue gaze. “I…I am attracted to the both of you, but…I don’t think I can handle something like this. It’s wrong.”

“According to whom? The rules are created by people who don’t practice what they preach. The hypocrisy is sickening. Why is it wrong—if it makes the people involved happy, and isn’t hurting anyone else? Something like this can’t be denied,” Rafe insisted. He released her wrists and hauled her against the hard wall of his chest, squeezing her against him before letting her go, just enough to give him space to cup her breasts.

India groaned as Rafe grazed her nipples with his thumbs. She should stop him, but it was difficult to think when he touched her this way. Grant moved behind her and placed calloused hands on her shoulders before lowering his hand and pressing a kiss on the nape of her neck.

“Please don’t.” It wasn’t much of a protest because even now she pushed her bottom against Grant’s crotch. His erection pressed against her. In the back of her mind, India thought of how wrong this was, yet like they’d both said, this moment was inevitable.

Rafe rubbed and kneaded her breasts, shaping them in his large palms. “Don’t you see how good it can be between us?”

No longer could she pretend this wasn’t what she’d fantasized about since she’d seen these two hunks. Right now she wanted to throw caution to the wind and do something wicked and wild. They were right. The only person she’d been fooling about her lust for them was herself.

Grant pulled her away from Rafe and turned her around to face him. Not giving her a chance to blink, his mouth crushed her lips, savaging her. The four day growth of whiskers tickled her skin, but she loved the rough sensation of it grazing her face. India’s response to him was instant. She didn’t think she could be so thoroughly aroused by two men at once in her life.

India grasped Grant’s shoulders, clinging to him, wanting his kiss as much as the air she breathed. His questing hands slid down her back to rest on her ass. He molded his cock against her pelvis.

Grant broke the kiss and pressed his forehead against hers, his breathing ragged. “Jesus, India. You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to do that.”

“I didn’t know how much I wanted you to do that to me until now,” she answered honestly. She backed away from him, putting some distance between her and the two men, eyeing them both and trying to come to grips with what she was about to do with them. She moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue. “I…I don’t want you two to think this is something I normally do, but under these circumstances…”

Rafe shook his head. “You’ve admitted you want us, that’s the first step, but let’s not backtrack by making believe this wouldn’t have happened under any circumstance. The attraction is too strong for us to say otherwise. Let’s go back to the cave and get warm together.” He gently took her hand in his and Grant took the other.

India shut her eyes for a brief moment. This was it.

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