1. Oversleep (oops)

2. Fight with toddler to get her out the door (after threatening to send her to the thinking chair for naughty behavior) because you’re running late.

3. Back into your husband’s Mustang Cobra with the Explorer and leave a…er…mark. (double oops).

4. Send rejection letters to almost 60 people and start their Monday off right (sorry!)

5. Get an email from an editor handing in their resignation (I just want to point out that Crissy is leaving for a conference tomorrow so our “curse” is holding true).

6. Look at clock, realize it’s 1:30 and NO WONDER my head hurts, I haven’t had anything to eat.

So, um, yeah. It’s my birthday week, I’m thinking the good things better start rolling in now 😉 All things considered, I’m still in a great mood for some reason (I did have a good weekend!) so, so far, my Monday-ness hasn’t gotten me down yet.

And actually, I did email the authors I chose for the cat shifter anthology and once I hear back, I’ll be posting about their books. I’m really pretty giggly about these books because I think they rock, so I’m excited for next April to roll around (even if it is tax time) so you all can read the books and share in my glee!

Plus, over the weekend, I tried my hand at making a book video for the first time, for the dragon anthology. I’ll have to share that later!

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