I finished reading all of the 60+ cat shifter submissions on Saturday and then looked over all of them again (not reading them, just opening them and looking at the first few pages to refresh my memory) before making my decision on Sunday.

Monday morning I spent the whole morning emailing both those who were accepted and those who were not. In the end, I chose 6 manuscripts for 3 print anthologies, instead of 3 manuscripts for 1 print anthology as was my original plan. The reason for this is simple: I loved all six books, and they’re three different genres, so they can fit nicely together in three different print anthologies.

The participants are:

For the erotic romance anthology titled Feral Attraction:
Rachel’s Totem by Marie Harte
Claiming Their Mate by Dena Russo

For an as yet untitled romance anthology:
The Wallflower by Dana Marie Bell
Treasure Hunting by J.B. McDonald

For an as yet untitled urban fantasy anthology:
Even For Me by Taryn Blackthorne
Tiger by the Tail by Kaye Chambers

The really cool thing to me about the manuscripts chosen is that only one comes from a currently contracted Samhain author (Marie Harte). The other five authors are new to Samhain. And four of them? Never before published! I don’t think anyone knows how exciting that is for me, to bring new talent into the company and into the world of publishing. Yay! I can’t wait for you all to be able to read these stories when they release in April 2008.

Now for the contest part. Did you notice 1) that we’re not using On the Prowl (when I chose it I had no idea it was a Berkley title releasing in August) and 2) we have two untitled print anthologies? The erotic romance title, Feral Attraction, is compliments of Sasha, one half of the writing team of Gabriella Hewitt.

So I need two titles appropriate for a romance cat shifter anthology and an urban fantasy cat shifter anthology. You can post your suggestions here or at the Samhain blog. I’ll choose one random winner (just for playing) and give them a free download of their choice from My Bookstore and More. For the two people who suggest titles I use, or provide inspiration for a title, I will give three downloads of their choice (three for each of the two titles). The contest will run until August 31st.

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