Recipe for Margarita Day: Take one shy woman, toss in three determined alphas, mix liberally with sizzling sex, add a dash of intrigue, and watch the steam rise.

Margarita Day
(c)2007 Nicole Austin and T.K. Winters
Now Available from Samhain Publishing
Contemporary erotic romance

Stand alone sequel to Mimosa Night.

Jodi Matthews is the consummate gamer. One crazy night she let her hair down, stripped off her clothes, and anteed up for a night of poker and wild fantasy sex. Now she has three alpha players hot to win her hand.

Conner is a walking wet dream ready to share his vision of the future. Wiz, a high roller looking for a cherished pet to adorn his arm, while John’s an average Joe who can turn Jodi inside out with a simple look.

No matter what card she chooses, Jodi risks losing something. The life she loves working as a Vegas dealer or some close friends. Maybe both.

From champagne and diamonds to mysterious parties and private jets, Jodi must accept herself and what her heart’s always known. The Smut Squad is there, ready and willing to fortify her courage and orchestrate a daring hunt for the ultimate stakes.

The only thing is—this is no game, and the jackpot will be even better than her wildest dreams.

Enjoy this excerpt from Margarita Day:

John slid his hands across his chest and abdomen, stopping only when reaching his erection. “Look what you do to me, Jodi.” His strong fingers grasped both jeans and underwear. Rising higher on his knees, he shimmied his hips and peeled the clothing away, his parted thighs stopping the descent. His cock jutted straight and proud from a nest of dark curls. Clear liquid on the crown gleamed in the soft light from the bedside lamp.

Jodi watched in fascination as pre-come seeped from the slit and trailed across the thick head of his cock. Her back arched, hips tilting upward. She needed to have his shaft buried so deep inside her pussy she wouldn’t know where she ended and he began. She needed to be held in his strong arms, feel his body moving above her, and have him slam into her wet channel until all the fear and confusion disappeared in a blazing glory of sensation.

She sat up and unclasped her bra, letting her breasts fall free. She cupped a heavy globe in each small hand, lifting them in offering.

“Oh, yeah. Hold them just like that, baby.” John wet one finger with his pre-come, and traced a glittering path around one dark areola. Jodi watched the circle pebble, and the nipple grow long and hard under his light touch. He lowered his head, blocking her view of his tongue rasping across the peak, licking up his own salty essence before drawing her nipple into the warmth of his mouth.

She writhed beneath him, breasts thrust upward in response to the tugging of his lips. John’s hands replaced hers to squeeze and knead. Teeth nipped at her sensitive bud, followed by his tongue laving away the slight sting. He sucked as much of her soft flesh into his mouth as he could, his moans of enjoyment vibrating through her flesh and paving a hot path through her belly straight to her clit.

Jodi wanted to give as much pleasure as she was receiving. She moved her freed hands between them and grasped his hard shaft, pumping once, twice, squeezing her fist around the throbbing length. Damn, his hard cock felt incredible in her palm. The heat pouring off the thick column penetrated her skin and ignited every nerve. She idly rubbed her thumb over an engorged vein, the steady beat of his blood starting a matching pulsation in her clitoris.

John’s head came up, back straightening, hips thrusting his cock in reaction to the confining clasp of her hands. “Now, Jodi. I need you now.” Rolling off the bed, he toed off his boots and finished stripping in one quick motion. He reached out, grabbed her ankle and tugged her toward the edge of the mattress.

“John,” she complained, wanting him to stop dragging her all over the bed and get busy already.

“Keep your sweet ass right here, baby, and spread those pretty legs wide for me.”

Before Jodi had time to respond or even comply, her panties were off, legs pushed open and his fingers had parted her swollen labia. Cool air followed by hot breath sent shivers rocketing through her body. She thrust her hips upward, seeking the source of the teasing warmth. A totally masculine, satisfied chuckle sounded through the dim room.

Her leg muscles bunched and she once more thrust upward, wet pussy making contact with smiling lips. This time she heard a whispered curse before he sucked her clit into his hot mouth and his tongue teased her hard bud.

“Yes,” she cried out. “Yes! Like that…oh God, just like that, John!” Her hips bucked and ground against his mouth while he sucked and licked her clit. His tongue flicked along the sensitive tissues, delving into her dripping channel. Jodi felt her leg muscles tighten, toes flexing on the edge of the bed as her ass pushed high above the mattress.

John’s hands shifted to clasp her soft cheeks firmly, keeping his mouth sealed against her clit as spasm after spasm rushed through her body. A high-pitched keen pierced the air in rhythm with her blistering orgasm.

“I can’t wait anymore, honey.” Pushing her farther onto the bed, his hard body came over the top of hers, knees spreading her legs, and in one long thrust his hard cock slammed into her pussy until it was seated deep inside.

“Christ, Jodi…I wanted this to be special,” he gasped. “To take my time.” He pulled his hard shaft back, increment by slow increment. “I wanted to romance you.” His steel rod drove deep into her core. White-hot shards of sensation raced through her body.

John’s breath rasped in her ear, every muscle in his back knotted beneath her grasping hands as he pulled his cock back with painstaking precision. The slow pace was maddening. “Slip the clothes from your body piece…” he panted, “…by piece.” His neck corded with strain. “Carry you to the Jacuzzi…” His head fell back between his shoulders, and he labored to get each word out. “Hold you in the hot…water…whisper of days…to…”

His hips flexed, and his cock drove forward, a hammer pounding a steel spike home in one long percussive impact. Jodi’s back arched, tight as a drawn bow, and her vagina contracted around his shaft. Damn, one more hard stroke, one more thrust against her cervix and her world would go up in flames of glory. “Unh…John, please!” He slowly pulled back to begin again.

“Share sips of champagne.” Each word was emphasized by the hammering of his cock. “Share dreams…give you time to know the real me.” Tremors raced through his taut muscles. Bracing his upper body on his elbows, John rose and all motion ceased. He looked directly into her eyes, smoothing back the damp locks of hair from her face.

“Marry me, Jodi. Please. Come share my life with me. I promise you moonlit walks. Nights spent in the warm ocean water, our bodies moving as one. Roses, chocolates, champagne. Enough excitement to last a lifetime.”

The heartfelt words made her throat tighten around a thick lump of emotion. He finally gave in to desire and began to move in a steady rhythm. Jodi wrapped her legs around his hips, her fingers grasping his head to draw his mouth closer. Their lips met and she mumbled against them.

John pulled back, hope shining in his eyes.

“What, baby?”

“Margaritas. I hate champagne. Now shut up and fuck me, you fool.”

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