There must be a post in my head somewhere…but it’s sure not easy to find! Tonight is Mom’s Night Out and I’ve been frantically dosing myself with Airborne the last two days to fight off this cold Brianna’s lovingly shared with me. It seems to be working because I don’t feel too awful, all things considered. A little tired but not so awful that I’ll be missing dinner, drinks and karaoke with the ladies! And there’s cake (because there were an awful lot of us with birthdays this month). And it’s an excuse to dress up. Who would want to miss that?

In reading news, for those of you wondering, I did finish Lover Unbound and I will be reviewing it. I’m going to do an ARC review week either next week or the following. Um, a few of my ARCs will have been released by then, but still, it counts 😉 In the meantime, you might be wondering if I liked it and the answer is yes and no. That’s all you’re getting until I do my (spoiler-free) review.

This week in the mail I got an absolutely hysterical birthday card from my dad, which made me laugh just as hard as the one he sent Josh (the George Bush one). But to fully appreciate it, you have to hear it, so I’ll have to take a video to share. Josh says Dad and I both need help. He’s probably right 😉 I also got a nice box of absolutely delicious Belgian chocolates from someone who thought I could use a treat since I’ve been stressed. It was a wonderful, thoughtful gesture and very appreciated. I seem to have gotten a mystery subscription to Glamour. And a beautiful silver celtic-patterned necklace and earrings for my birthday that I love and plan on wearing tonight!

Tomorrow night, Brianna is going to stay with my MIL and Josh and I will do…something. Wednesday we had date night and went to a local bar to play pool. Well, that’s not quite right. Josh has been trying to teach me how to play (we’ve had a grand total of two lessons in two months, lol) and I purely suck at it. It’s something he enjoys and he’s pretty good, so hopefully I’ll get at least marginally better so he doesn’t want to beat me over the head because I can’t quite grasp it. He’s been patient so far!

Let’s see, I think that’s all I have to share right now. I know, I know, thrilling stuff 😉 Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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